During certain seasons in the Charleston area, it is not uncommon to have a 50% chance of rain/storms every day. We also have tropical storms and hurricanes that can appear, shift, and disappear without much notice. Therefore, we will try to avoid cancelling practice when the weather forecast predicts a chance of poor weather in the area around our pool time. Instead, the competitive team manager will consult the coaching staff and send an email alert out to our families, saying:

"There is a good chance of inclement weather in the area during SCSC scheduled practice times, which may result in the pool shutting down and practice being cancelled. Please use your best judgment when deciding whether or not to attend practice given the possibility that practice could be canceled due to inclement weather."

When foul weather is in the area, we recommend that parents stay and watch practice, remain in close proximity to the pool, or arrange for a ride home for their swimmer if practice is called off early due to weather conditions.

When the alert is sent, coaches will not take attendance and no swimmer will be penalized for missing practice.

In rare cases practice may be cancelled ahead of time, especially if there have been thunderstorms all day and the weather pattern suggest it will continue through the evening, or when road conditions are extremely hazardous.

If the practice schedule is changed, the information will be posted on the SCSC Facebook pages and/or blasted to the membership through email and text.

Swimming during a storm is NOT allowed at any of SCSC pools, so when a storm appears just before or during practice SCSC coaches will follow the United States Lifesaving Association Guidelines:  http://www.usla.org/?page=Lightning  .

When on duty, lifeguards and facility monitors have the authority to make the call to clear the pool and move the swimmers to a designated place of safety; SCSC is required to comply. The lifeguards will wait 30 minutes from the last thunder clap before reopening the pool. 

When no lifeguards are on duty, the SCSC coaching staff on site is responsible for knowing the weather situation and making the appropriate call. When there is observable thunder and lightning, Staff will clear the pool, monitor the storm, and restart the 30-minute delay with every new thunder clap or lighting flash. The pool will remain closed until the storm clears the area.