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What's up with the daily dryland in every group's schedule?

The SCSC coaching staff believes that dryland practice is an important component for each age group as swimmers progress through the program. The team-wide dryland program we are implementing will help to ensure our swimmers' ability to develop strength, mobility, and agility by using appropriate foundational movements. These movements include squatting, jumping, reaching, and skipping, and each age group will build on these foundations. Through steady practice and mastery of the movements we are able to decrease the likelihood of injury. Or, to describe it another way, think of this program as a process that can "bulletproof" the swimmers' bodies as they grow with our team. In sum, the whole program translates directly to the motions that swimmers use in the water, and with this program our athletes will be better-prepared physically and mentally for the future work required as they progress through the sport.

What is a Division Lead?

SCSC Division Leaders are crucial to our curriculum and the quality of our program. As explained here,  In order to ensure solidarity and consistency across our team, each division has a Division Lead coach. It is the Division Lead's responsibility to ensure that the SCSC curriculum, philosophy, and policies are being followed by providing day-to-day management for the Lead Coaches within each division. Each group has an assigned Lead Coach who is responsible for the day-to-day coaching and management of their assigned group.

Can my swimmer attend another group's practice to make up a practice?

On rare occasions swimmers may be allowed to make up a missed practice at another group's practice, as long as arrangements are made and approved by your swimmer's lead coach and the destination lead coach. This isn't always possible, for example, if the group is full and there is not enough lane space for visitors.