Brock Imonen - Class of 2020

Vivian Pierre

Brock Imonen

Arizona State University

Major: Psychology


A Message from the Imonen Family and Coaches


Wishing you the college swimming experience of your dreams. You are in charge of your destiny, with many supporters looking forward to you finding yourself "IN DA ZONE" at ASU.  Be kind, happy, patient and SMILE! We love you more than you know

- Mom and Dad



What a fun time I've had with you. You're a person who likes to add questions and pays attention to the answers to make sure you apply it to improve yourself to the best of you abilities. That to me is an awesome quality. Good luck at school!

Coach Daniel


In the short time with you I have seen amazing growth! Being able to be part of your journey has been exciting and extremely fun. I cannot wait to see what your future holds at ASU and remember to always give it your all!

Coach Joey


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