Where do I sign my child up for swimming lessons?
Visit the website for information on all lessons available.

Can I stay at the pool and watch my child's lesson?
While we understand a parent's desire to see their child learn to swim, it is not encouraged that you remain on deck. For Nadadores Swim School students and the Novice groups, parents may sit/stand in the grassy area on the Marguerite side or under the awning to watch their child's lesson. However, we respectfully request that you do not interfere with the lessons being given and remain a bystander. Our highly trained coaches know the best way to instruct your child and parental guidance is not necessary during this time. Due to insurance regulations, parents are not allowed on either the 50 meter pool deck or the dive pool deck. At levels above Novice, it is in everyone's best interest (swimmers, coaches, and parents) if you remain away from the pool deck until it is time to pick your swimmer up at the end of practice.

My child has already been taught to swim.
How do we find out about joining the competitive swim team?

 Please contact the novice director Coach Stephanie to schedule a tryout.

Her email is:

What is the team's philosophy on competitive swimming?
The Mission Viejo Nadadores emphasize individual growth and development.  While winning remains our team objective, the swimmer's individual improvement is the primary focus.  Sportsman-like behavior is of equal importance.  Respect for officials, congratulations to other competitors, encouragement to teammates, determined effort and mature attitudes are taught and expected.  Swimmers are taught to set realistic but challenging goals for swim meets and to relate these goals to training efforts.

What entities regulate the sport of competitive swimming for the team?
Southern California Swimming (SCS) and USA Swimming are the governing bodies of competitive swimming in our area and the U.S. respectively. You may find more information on both groups under the Swim Resources menu on the top of each page.

Where do I find information on upcoming swim meets that my child may be eligible to enter?
Refer to our Meet Schedule for all dates, eligibility, forms, travel information, and results.


 Our team will be visiting the Southern California area. Who can we contact about using the MVN facilities while we are in town?
For information on the use of our facilities for your team's practice, please contact

MVN is hosting a meet we are attending. Where do we get more information on the meet?
Please refer to our Meet Schedule for upcoming meet information.