Mission Viejo Nadadores Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join the Mission Viejo Nadadores (MVN)? Go the MVN website, www.mvnswim.org. Click “Start Registration,” then “Register Now.” Enter your contact information and that your child would like to join the team. A coach will contact you to arrange a tryout. All new parents are required to attend a new parent meeting before a swimmer is allowed to practice.


How do I register for the swim team? Log into www.mvnswim.org. Click “My Account.” Complete the required information and click “submit.” Bring a copy of your swimmer’s birth certificate to the swim office to complete the USA Swimming registration for your swimmer.


How do I set up automatic payment? Log into www.mvnswim.org. Click “My Account,” then “Set Up Auto Pay.” Enter your credit card information. Checks are not accepted for payment of monthly dues. Click “save” before closing the page.


When am I billed? Bills are processed on the first of each month.


How do I update my account information? Log into www.mvnswim.org. Click “My Account.” Update your account with the new information and click “save.”


How do I update my credit card information? Log into www.mvnswim.org. Click “My Account.” Click “Set Up Auto Pay.” Click the credit card on file and update the credit card information. Click “save.”


How do I check my bill and/or my billing history? Log into www.mvnswim.org. Click “my account,” then click “my invoice/payment.” You can view your current invoice, projected amount owed, and billing history.


How do I notify the team of a high school or medical leave of absence or that my swimmer is leaving MVN? Log into www.mvnswim.org. Click “member info” then “change of status.” Complete the form that fits your situation and submit it to the Swim Office before the 21st of the month to avoid being billed for the following month (e.g. submit the form on or before May 21 to not receive a June 1 invoice).  Upon returning from high school swim season, there is a $100 reactivation fee.


If my swimmer is entered in a meet and does not swim, am I still charged for the meet? Yes. Entries and entry fees are sent to the host club approximately two weeks before the meet. Once MVN has submitted entries to the host club, no changes to the entries or refunds can be made.


Can I submit my fundraising donations early? Yes. This is allowed. Your account will be billed for the fundraiser, but this amount will be off-set by the credit you received earlier for your donation.


How do I check my service hours? Log into www.mvnswim.org. Click “My Account,” “My Invoice,” and then “Payment and Service Hours” to view your service hour balance.


What are mandatory meets? Mandatory meets are large meets where MVN needs everyone’s help to run a successful meet. That’s why all families are required to work at them. If you don’t work at these meets, your account will be billed. Mandatory meets are ISCA (in February), SMOC (normally in June, but in April in Olympic years), JOs (late July/early August), Turkey Classic (in November) ($100 if any mandatory meet is not worked).


What is a timing “no show” penalty? Southern California Swimming requires all teams to provide timers at most away meets. There are no Nadadores service hours for timing at away meets, but we are still required to do it. Be sure to note any days when you are unable to time on the comments section of the meet entry declaration when you declare your swimmer for the meet. Before the meet, log onto www.mvnswim.org. Click the meet your swimmer is attending, and then click the timing assignment link to see your timing assignment. Check in with the MVN Head Timer who should be wearing a yellow MVN vest to check in for your timing assignment. Accounts are billed $50 for every timing shift not worked.

When can I drop off my children for practice? Swimmers can be dropped off no earlier then 15 minutes before their stated practice times.  After practice, swimmers need to be picked up within 15 minutes of stated practice time finish.  If policy is violated, your swimmers may be asked to leave the team.