Masters Registration

Open for Returning Members

9/1/12 - 9/30/25

Open for New Members

9/1/12 - 9/30/25


Welcome and Thank You for choosing the Mission Viejo
Nadadores Masters Team.


Before proceeding with registration, please make sure that you have had an orientation  meeting with a Nadadores Masters Coach. Your registration will not be approved until you have completed the appropriate steps. To schedule a meeting please click HERE to contact us to set up an  time. 


The Mission Viejo Nadadores Masters  program is dedicated to providing opportunities and encouragement by offering a year round competitive/fitness swimming program for all levels and abilities continuing in a tradition of excellence that provides a positive and confidence building environment.

The Mission Viejo Nadadores Foundation (MVNF) is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation.

Membership in the MVN Masters Swim Program entitles the member to participate in the Masters programs sponsored by MVN Foundation, upon payment of the fees as set by the MVN Board of Directors. Membership also entitles the member family to one vote at membership meetings at the annual election of members to the MVN Foundation Board of Directors. Each member will be notified at least ten days in advance of the annual meeting, which is typically held in October.


Release from Liability

For, and in consideration of the Mission Viejo Nadadores Foundation (MVNF) sponsoring this program, I hereby release and discharge the City of Mission Viejo and MVN Foundation and their directors, officers, agents employees and volunteers from any and all claims, suits, actions, liabilities, demands, losses, fees (including without limitation attorney's fees) and damages of any nature whatsoever by reason of any matter, act or omission arising out of or related to my participation in MVN programs or any facilities utilized in any MVN programs.