Members participating in the Masters Program will be required to complete
(minimum of 8 service hours  September 2021- August 2022)

Swimming for the Nadadores Masters requires the support and dedication of its coaches, swimmers and overall programs. As a non-profit organization, our events are a source of income to keep the program running and dependent upon the support of our swimmers AND members working together to maintain this standard of excellence. We have many events that require swimmer participation.

Below are the minimum obligations of all MVN Masters Swimmers:

Service Hours Requirements: MVN Masters in 2021-2022 will host 6 events. 4 one day swim meets, 1 OW lake swim, and 1 three day championship meet. There is (1) mandatory event that each member is required to work for minimum 4 hours. Members are required to complete a minimum of 8 service hours.

4 hours – 2022 SW Zone Masters Summer Championships (Aug)*
4 Hours combined at the one-day events.

2022 Meet Schedule

Sunday, March 6
Sunday, May 22
Sunday, July 10
Friday-Sunday, August 12-14*
Sunday, September 25


To sign-up for service hours sign into and select the tab “meets” and look for the ‘job sign-up’ button listed next to the home meets; proceed to select job If you are not available to work at the mandatory events, you will be billed $50 per meet.

This means that even if your service hours requirement is met, you will still need to work at the mandatory meets or be billed. MVN Masters who have completed less than the minimum service hours required will be billed $20 for each hour less than minimum hours due for the year. This amount would be in addition to the Mandatory Events Fee of $50.00 mentioned above. If you have any questions, please contact Coach Mark. [email protected]