Masters Weekly News Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Mark Moore

Masters Weekly Announcements
Wednesday, June 8, 2022


1.  Summer Workout Schedule  


3.  Team Service Hours Support Program

4.  Words for Coach Mark



Summer Workout Schedule

5:00-6:00 AM – 50M Pool (8 long course lanes)

Tuesday - Friday                                            
6:00-7:00 AM – DIVE WELL

10:00-11:00 AM – 50M Pool (4 long course lanes)
12:00 -1:00 PM - 50M Pool (8 long course lanes)                           
7:30-8:30 PM – 50M Pool (8 long course lanes)

6:00-7:00 AM – DIVE WELL
7:00-8:00 AM - DIVE WELL

8:00-10:00 AM – 50M Pool (8 long course lanes)






Team List entered in the meet:

Isabel, Zippel


Please use these steps to sign up for the meet.

1. Log in to the main website on the Masters site under Member Login

2. Click on “Meets”.  This will show all the Meets and Events.

3.  Go to Patrick Moore Memorial Relay Meet.  Click on edit commitment.

4.  Click on your name, then under declaration, select yes, please sign up for this event.

5.  If you want the BBQ lunch make a note in the note section.

6.  You will be billed $45.00 for the meet on your account after the meet in July.

7.  Our Relay Captains will contact you and set up all relays for the meet.

Family Relays Rules (deck entered at meet):   
Must have at least one adult (18+) on the relay and two swimmers under 18 (USA member). At least two members must be from the same family. (2 families can swim together)

Order of Events
Warm-up 8:30am. 10:00AM Start.

1. Open Women 400 m. Medley Relay
2. Open Men 400 m. Medley Relay
3. Open Women 200 m. Freestyle Relay
4. Open Men 200 m. Freestyle Relay

4A - 4 x 50 Freestyle Family Relay

5. Mixed 200 m. Medley Relay
6. Open Women 400 m. Freestyle Relay
7. Open Men 400 m. Freestyle Relay
8. Mixed 200 m. Freestyle Relay

8A - 4 x 50 Wet T-shirt Family Relay

9.   Mixed 400 m. Freestyle Relay
10. Open Women 200 m. Medley Relay
11. Open Men 200 m. Medley Relay
12. Mixed 400 m. Medley Relay

12A - 4 x 50 Watermelon Family Relay

• Family BBQ: around 1:00 after the meet. Cost: $15.00 per person
(BBQ pull pork, baked beans, Coleslaw, and watermelon)

A portion of the proceeds from this meet will go towards the Patrick Moore Memorial Swimming Scholarship Fund at Saddleback College.

Patrick swam with the Nadadores when he was 5 years old until he was 13. He also worked at the swim school and was an assistant coach for the Las Flores summer team. At the age of 18-19, Patrick swam on the Masters Team and was on the Saddleback Collage Swim Team in 2008/2009.

Hope you can make it!




Members participating in the Masters Program will be required to complete
(minimum of 8 service hours September 2021- August 2022)

Service Hours Minimum Requirements:  
MVN Masters in 2021-2022 will host 6 events. 4 one day swim meets, 1 OW lake swim, and 1 three-day championship meet.

Members are required to complete a minimum of 8 service hours.

4 Hours combined at the one-day events.
4 hours – 2022 SW Zone Masters Summer Championships (Aug)*


2021-22 Meet Schedule
Sunday, September 19, 2021
Sunday, October 3, 2021
Sunday, March 6, 2022
Sunday, May 22, 2022
Sunday, July 10, 2022
Friday-Sunday, August 12-14, 2022*

To sign-up for service hours sign into and select the tab “meets” and look for the ‘job sign-up’ button listed next to the home meets; proceed to select job If you are not available to work at the mandatory events, you will be billed $50 per meet (or make arrangements to make up hours and other meets).

This means that even if your service hours requirement is met, you will still need to work at the mandatory meets or be billed.

MVN Masters who have completed less than the minimum service hours required will be billed $20 for each hour less than minimum hours due for the year. This amount would be in addition to the Mandatory Events Fee of $50.00 mentioned above. Billing will take place September 1.

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Mark  [email protected]   



Word from Coach Mark

Summer is here!  Just a few reminders for our new and seasoned swimmers.

Getting Started

Start Slowly, and Build

When starting your swimming routine, as with any other physical fitness activity, make sure to consult with your physician. Start slowly, be consistent and build up to increase the limits. Try to keep track of your distance and time in a logbook. Remember, the speed and distance is not as important as the amount of time you swim.

Set realistic goals

Aim for the attainable and you won't get discouraged. There are many ways to set goals in swimming. It could be as simple as learning to do the stroke better or counting your laps. The most important thing is to have fun with it.


Swimming is far more technical than most other activities. Even the best swimmers continue to improve by refining their technique.  When you feel your stroke out of balance, slow down and use a catch-up drill to get your balance and rhythm back.

Lane Etiquette

Make sure you know the pool's rules about how to share a lane with other swimmers. When three or more swimmers are sharing a lane, do "circle-swimming". When you are circle-swimming, you go up on one side of the lane and return on the other. If you are not sure about it, ask the coach, who is there to assist. Watching the traffic patterns is always a good idea before entering a lane with other swimmers.





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