Private Lessons with Coach Mark

Swimmers will learn how to…
Decrease stroke counts, improve stroke quality, improve starts and turns, improve underwater streamline efficiency, and improve speed. 

All swimmers will learn how to...
Swim well than fast!


Rates for Private/Semi Lesson

Private lesson (one swimmer) 30 min.  - $70 

Private lesson (one swimmer) 60 min. - $140
Semi-Private (two swimmers) 40 min. -  $130 ($65/swimmer)

All lesson package plans will be billed to the member's account.
All cancellations require 24-hour advance notification.

   It is my commitment to:

1.  Assist in your quest to become a healthier person
2.  Help you achieve your swim goals
3.  Provide you simple to understand instruction and communication
4.  Challenge your progress only when you are ready to advance

5.  Provide you the best value for your investment

To set up an appointment, lesson or for more information, please  Email