Training Group Expectations

Fledgling Group : Active Start

The Fledgling Group’s focus is to establish a strong foundation of skills and technique in a relaxed, fun environment. The Fledgling group is a non-competitive group, except for select meets in January and March, which offer low-stress opportunities for 10 & Unders to gain meet experience. The group will focus heavily on Freestyle and Backstroke. The purpose of the group is to provide quality instruction, give swimmers a fun experience in the pool, and lay a foundation for continued participation in the sport of swimming. This group does not teach kids how to survival swim.  Swimmers in this group must be an independently safe swimmer that can swim on top or under the water for 15 feet by himself/herself.  


Blue Group: FUNdamentals

The Blue Group’s focus is establishing a strong foundation of skills and techniques in a relaxed and fun environment. Athletes and parents are introduced to competitive meets, with an emphasis placed, not on winning events, but on perfecting stroke technique, gaining positive meet experience, and achieving personal best times. Balancing fun with an introduction to competitive swimming, Blue Group’s aim is to continue building a foundation for continued participation in the sport.


Silver Group/Age-Group EliteLearn to practice

The Silver Group’s/Age-Group Elite’s focus is to build further on the foundation of technique established in the Fledgling and Blue groups, incorporating them into more advanced practices that will include greater specialization, more complex skills, concepts, and practice sets. While increasing in complexity, the group will still focus on Fundamentals. Silver Group/Age-Group Elite swimmers will compete in meets throughout the year, with a slightly higher emphasis being placed on competitive performance. A main objective of the group is to promote good practice habits and versatility, that will help set swimmers up for future achievement in the sport.


Junior Group/Age-Group Elite: Train to Compete

The Junior Group’s focus is to build on the previously laid foundations of technique and training habits, and embrace a more complex view of the sport of swimming. This includes a step up in the level of commitment and the intensity of practice, more advanced drills and training techniques, and the introduction and mastery of concepts such as nutrition, sleep, and social decisions and the effects those concepts have on swimming. A main objective of the group is to promote high performance and a trajectory toward the elite level of the sport of swimming.


Senior Group: Compete to Excel

The Senior Group’s focus is to take the carefully laid, overall foundation of the Palmetto Aquatics program, and empower swimmers to take ownership of their own performance and achievement. Senior swimmers set their own goals, compete at levels ranging from state to national, continue to master complex technique and training concepts, show advanced commitment through effort and attendance, and demonstrate leadership for the younger groups of Palmetto Aquatics. An emphasis is placed on elite performance, self-motivation, and laying a foundation for swimmers to compete in college, if they so choose.