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The College Recruiting Process
USA Swimming Times Database of NCAA Division I, II, III College Times

College swimming can be a tremendous blessing in your life! It can pay your way through college, and it can enable you to continue to do what you’ve enjoyed doing all these years. It’s a lot like summer league when you were young..…dual meets, relays, and being with a group of kids that you love.

I had the opportunity to swim in college. It was one of the neatest experiences of my life. A lot of the reason why I enjoyed it so much was because it was the right fit for me. I have put this information together to assist Palmetto Aquatics swimmers in going through the college swimming process and in finding a school that fits their academic and swimming needs. Please research this stuff yourself and enjoy the journey.

Regardless of your talent, past commitment level,or whatever, I encourage all swimmers to look into swimming while in college. Leave your options open. Here’s what you need to do start looking for a place to swim at in college

· Make a “master list” of possible schools that you would want to go to (it can be a list of 100 schools if necessary)

· Fill out the college swimming recruitment application that Coach Heath puts out. Print it out, fill it out and give to Coach Heath. When college coaches talk to Coach Heath he will have your application in hand, and can give the coach your most recent & updated academic records.

· Visit each one of those college websites that is on your list. Fill out the evaluation form online. Let the school know that you are interested. Be honest with your times and with your school records.

· Read through these websites which provide a service to help swimmers get info out to schools and which help make good matches.  USA Swimming - College   AthleticScholarships

· Go to and read through the website. They provide a free service to help swimmers get info out to schools and make good matches. As with any website, parents need to look carefully at the Recruiting portion of the website and study it prior to deciding to register.

· Then go to and study that website extensively. It outlines exactly what students have to do to meet academic standards that would allow them to be eligible to compete on the college level. It describes in great detail what your SAT/ACT scores need to be, where your gpa needs to be, and which core courses need to be passed, in order to move forward. Parents and swimmers should study this website.

· Each time you go to a swim meet and improve your times, I encourage you to email or mail off your times to the coaches at the schools which are on your master list. Do the same thing when report cards come out with an updated GPA, and also whenever your SAT or ACT score improves. You be the aggressor. You need to consistently keep knocking on those college doors. Let them know you want to be a part of their team.

· With time, as you figure out what you want to major in, and as you get a better vision of where you’d like to go to school, certain colleges will eliminate themselves from your “master list," and you will eliminate other colleges from that same list. You start to narrow it down more and more.

· The key is to bust your fanny in the water every single day. Make yourself a better swimmer. Do your school work. Make good grades. Doing swimming 100% and doing school 100% can both be done. If you can handle it in high school, then you can handle it in college. People do it all the time and you can do it, too, We just need to find the right college and swimming program to fit your needs.

Swimmers, please keep me updated on your master list, and let me know if you have any question or concerns that I can help you with. Following these instructions, will at the very least, get us going on the road to college swimming.