For our Christmas holiday schedule, our Developmental Swim Team, the Fledgling and Blue Groups, will take a two week break.  Our Competitive Swim Team, Silver & Age-Group Elite & Jr & Sr Teams, will train through the holiday season. 


Christmas training can be a platform to get one last push to form a strong training base and springboard into “championship season” January – March.   To swim really fast during February and March, it is critical to have a solid two weeks of “Christmas Training.”


Our rule is this: If you are in town, you need to be at your assigned workouts.  If you are out of town, let us help you find a place to swim. 


To look for another swim club to train with in the city that you are visiting, go to  At the top of the home page in red, click the button that says, “Find A Team.”  Fill in the appropriate information and swim teams in that area will come up.  You can contact the club yourself and let them know you will be in the area and want to inquire about practicing with them while in town.  Or one of your PALM coaches will be happy to contact the club for you.  It is a courtesy action taken by swim clubs across America.  It’s not uncommon to do that. 


Let’s have a GREAT holiday season and get lots of GREAT training in!