​Inclement Weather Policy

All Palmetto Aquatics practices, whether at USC or Harbison Rec Center, take place under the supervision of the facility’s lifeguarding staff. As such, we strictly adhere to their decisions regarding inclement weather and pool closures. The safety of our swimmers is our first priority.

On rare occasions, in the face of severe weather, the PALM coaching staff may preemptively cancel practice. Parents will be notified via email as soon as the call is made. If no such email has been sent out, assume that practice is still on and that the coaches will be there.

If practice is interrupted or delayed by lightning, the coaching staff will evaluate whether to wait through the storm or cancel the remainder of practice. In such a case, parents will be notified and a coach will wait at the pool until all swimmers have been picked up. We ask that on days where inclement weather is likely, parents please stay close to the pool so that they can quickly pick up their swimmer in the case of a cancellation.

As a general rule know that we rarely ever cancel practice.