Blue Team -- Harbison and USC

This group is generally made up of kids from age 7-18 years. Swimmers range in ability and commitment.  Typical swimmers in this group have never swam year-round before, or are developmental year-round swimmers and are learning to become more competitive.  A large portion of this group are swimmers who want to stay in shape for summer league.  You do not have to compete in this group.  Even though this group is more younger swimmers, it is quite possible however to see kids of older age in this group that are just starting out in competitive swimming or may have taken a break from the sport. Swimmers will build a competitive mind set while concentrating on stroke technique. All four strokes will be covered on the Blue Team. Swimmers will participate in the short course season from September through May. Blue Team is asked to practice at least 3 days a week in order to build proficiency, but are welcome to attend more often. Swim times vary each day and there are two locations. Swim meets are encouraged, but not a requirement. Swim meets are an additional fee that can range from $40-$55.


Blue Team - Harbison Recreation Center location

Monday-Thursday: 7:15-8:15 pm

$100 Monthly Fee


Blue Team - USC location

You will chose one of the two sessions:

Monday through Friday from 5:30-6:30 pm

$100 Monthly Fee


Monday through Thursday from 6:30-7:30 pm

$75.00 Monthly Fee