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Palmetto Swim School is a branch of Palmetto Aquatics, offering private swim lessons at an outdoor pool in Forest Acres/downtown Columbia for children beginning at 24 months.  When you sign up for a session it is defined as Monday - Thursday, 4-day, 25 minute lesson each of the four days (unless it's a holiday week).  
The cost of each private lesson session is $190. We will only accept payment at time of registration through credit card or debit card. Payments will be processed immediately holding your individual spot for private lessons.
There are weeks where two private lessons will be held at the same time. These are the perfect times to sign up siblings so you can have both lessons at the same time, if possible.  The cost per student remains the same because these are individual private lessons. Each child having their own instructor.
The outdoor pool is heated to about 85 degrees so no one will be cold.  We have an outdoor heated/cooled bathroom and changing room.  We have a covered area where Moms, Dads or caretakers can sit and watch the lesson.
Our swim lessons are catered to teaching kids how to swim.  Our two main priorities are to keep kids safe during the lesson and to teach them how to swim.  We are kind and considerate but very firm with the children.  It is very common for swimmers to cry or whine during swim lessons.  This is natural for most kids.  They're in a pool in which they aren't familiar with.......being taught by a stranger.   This is normal.  Learning to swim can be a scary thing.  We understand that.  We keep kids safe during lessons and teach them how to swim.  If you want your child to learn how to swim, these lessons are for you.  If you're tired of paying for lessons where progression is little to none, our swim lessons are for you.  If you are a parent that has a difficult time watching your child struggle, these lessons might not be for you.  If you have any questions about our lessons please contact Coach Heath.  
If you sign up for a session and need to change or cancel the lesson, there will be a $50 change or cancellation fee.  This change/cancelation policy is only applicable prior to the start your lesson...........meaning once the lesson starts, there are no refunds.  PLEASE, PLEASE uderstand this and make sure the date is good before you sign up.  Please make sure your swimmer can make his/her appointment time and week before you sign up. Please check dance recitals, preschool graduation, and vacations before you sign up to make sure there are no conflicts.
FYI - as you progress through the registration process there is an agreement that states you have read and understand this chagne/cancelation policy.  
What to bring?  Your child only needs a towel, bathing suit and swim diaper if needed.
Please be at your lesson 5 minutes before your start time.
RAIN POLICY:  Unless we call you - your lesson is on!  Just because there may be inclement weather at your home it may be blue skies at our pool.  Please always plan on coming to your lesson unless we call you.  
Please park along our fence and enter the gate near the basketball goal.
Please do not park in front of our garage door or on our neighbor's grass or yard.


The bulk of our lessons will be in May, June, and July.  We will not be offering lessons in August.

If you have any questions that have not been answered please e-mail Coach Heath's at [email protected]  In case Coach Heath is in the water and slow to respond you may also reach his wife Kim at 803-665-8445.


Welcome to  Palmetto Swim School Registration form! The registration process is simple for both new and returning families. You'll get access to your own private account to view/edit your contact information and current  histories.                                                  

To Register:

  1. Click on  Gray/Blue BAR below that says   "Palmetto Swim School Private Lessons"
  2. Then click on GRAY BUTTON at the right of a particular week to see class/times available.  
  3. If you need 2 lessons together you must see 2 slots available at the same time to have your children together.  If you only see one opening, then only one lesson is available at that time.  When a session has no slots available it will say "FULL"