Private swim lessons can be a great addition to what you are doing in practice.  One-on-one attention can reinforce and allow swimmers to focus easier on principles being taught.  If you are receiving private swim lessons, please make sure you are communicating this with your coach.  As a staff at PALM, we become hesitant about lessons when swimmers and/or parents begin to believe that they can only receive technique support through private lessons.  This is absolutely false. The PALM coaching staff has a seasonal and yearly training plan for all groups that incorporates technique and focus into every practice and every set.  The staff also becomes hesitant depending on who is teaching the private lessons. What we don’t want to have happen is for a swim lesson instructor to question what we do at practice and begin planting seeds of doubt in your minds.


The program we run at PALM is first class.  We are a proven program. We believe in the progression and levels that we have and so do the countless kids who

grew up from Fledgling and Blue Groups through the Sr. Team.  If you are currently taking private lessons, we ask that the parent please print off this

PRIVATE LESSON FORM and take it to your child's PALM coach. It needs to be filled out by your assigned PALM coach and then filled out by your lesson instructor and returned.  This will help streamline the communication process and keep everyone on the same page. Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!