Below you will find a wealth of knowledge and resources compiled to aid parents and swimmers.  For your child to have the most rewarding experience, it is important that you, too learn how to be an outstanding swim parent.

Parent Information: 

The Ten Commandments For Parents Of Athletic Children

50 Things to Help your Child Achieve

The Positive Attitude

Are You a Pressure Parent?

Speaking Up to Grow Up

Ten Commandments of Parental Behavior

The Marginally Motivated Swimmer

The "Stroke Guru"

Undermining Comments

(Unlikely) Lessons Learned from Being a Swim Parent/Swimmer

Swimmer Development:

Three Variables of a Swimmer's Performance That Parents Contribute To

Thoughts on Age Group Development

On Ageing Up and Expectations

Developing Swimmers Progressively

Gain Weight To Gain Strength

Helping Your Young Child Set Goals


Kids and Sports

Lifetime Fitness

Good Starts

Stepping Stones

Emotional Development of the Swimmer:

Defeating Negative Self-Thoughts

Self Talk

The Importance of "Self Confidence" in Achieving Your Swimming Goals


Carbohydrate Loading

Coffee and Caffeine

Eating for Peak Performance

Eating on the Road

Fast Food Breakfast Choices

Fast Food - How To Lift The Guise On Healthier Choices

Glycogen Depletion

Know the Scoop on Cereals.

Nutrition Between Prelims And Finals

Training Diet


Two A Day Swim Practices - When Should the Athlete Start?

The Taper

Teaching Technique - What We Know, What We Think We Know, and What We Do

The Taper Chase

Training Aids:Legitimate Tools Or Frivolous Fads?

Training Versus Learning

Watching Your Child at Swim Practice

Swim Meets:

Dealing With Adversity: 

The Swim Coach: