In preparation for our 2017-18 swim year, please check out the following information to get you ready for the year!  And for swimming families new to PALM we welcome you with open arms!!!  Please see the highlighted points below for updates and reminders as we get ready to start up:

  • NEW SWIMMERS = we will publish the new schedule during the summer season.  See times on the website.  The only thing you need the first week is swim suit, goggles and a swim cap if you wear one.
  • Returning Swimmers = if you have not reregistered for the 2017-18 swim year, please do so before September 1st
  • Swim Gear = the only swim gear you need is your bathing suits, cap and goggles.  All other equipment will be ordered in September.  We will instruct all new swimmers when and where to get this equipment. 
  • 2017-18 Events = will be publish the week of September 1st when we start up.  We will not be competing in any meets during September. 
  • Entrance Into USC = for those of you who are new swimmers based out of USC – all you need to do every time you entered the USC Sol Blatt Center is go through the front doors, tell the front desk you swim for PALM and do not have an ID Card yet.  Tell them you need to sign in.  Then head downstairs to the pool and look for our PALM Swim Team.  There will be two teams practicing.  Make sure you know which side to go to.  There will be a sign indicating which end to go to.  Worst case scenario look for coaches with PALM t-shirts or ask the lifeguards where our PALM Swim Team is.  Coach Heath or Coach Jennifer is who you are looking for. 
  • Entrance into HRC (Harbison) = go through front door, tell front desk you are there for PALM Swim Team, and head downstairs to the pool deck.  Swimmers will begin on the far end by the starting blocks.  Look for Coach Logan and Coach Zia.