All equipment and most team uniforms and suits can be ordered from CAS by clicking here and is usually shipped within a week.  Other team apparel items such as swimmer and paret shirts, hooded sweatshirts, logo mesh bags, water bottles, and tank tops will be sold on deck periodically throughout the year and at home meets.  



Each group requires the following items to be brought to practice each day.  Speedo brand equipment and gear is always our recommendation as Speedo is a major sponsor of our team.  Swim Caps are also necessary for any athlete with long hair.

The model of board, fins, paddles, and buoy listed on our website are the type and size we want you to have.  

PRE Piranha

suit and goggles


suit, goggles, kick board, pull buoy, fins


Suit, goggles, kick board, pull buoy, fins


Suit, goggles, kick board, pull buoy, snorkel, paddles, fins


Suit, cap, goggles, kick board, pull buoy, snorkel, paddles, fins. 




Swim Meet Attire:

All Athletes are required to wear the Piranha Swim/Water Polo Team Speedo brand uniforms (suit and cap) when competing.  The Piranha Logo suit purchased at CAS is preferred but any plain all Navy Speedo brand suit is OK.   

JO, Gold, Senior Swimmers:  Black and/or Navy Speedo brand technical suits will be allowed at some  meets but you must ask your coach first.  Clothing at an event should be head to toe Piranha as much as possible.  A good rule of thumb is that your outer most visible layer should always be a Piranha clothing item.