Pre Piranha

3 times a week for a half hour    

Palm Springs M-W-F  4:30pm    PALM DESERT AQUATICS CENTER M/W 6:30pm F 5:30pm

We may add more classes if current classes fill


Bronze 13 and under 

4 times a week for 45 minutes 

Palm Springs M/TU/W/F  5pm

Palm Desert AquaticsCenter M/W 6:30pm   F 5:30pm


Silver-13 and under 

5 times a week for 1 hour 

Palm Springs  M through F 5pm

Palm Desert Aquatics Center:  M/W 6:30pm  F 5:30pm   Tu/Th practice in Palm Springs



 6 times a week  Swim Meets Auto Entered

Palm Springs M-F 5pm   Sat 7am

Palm Desert Aquatics Center:  M/W 6:30pm  F 5:30 pm  Tu/Th/S in Palm Springs


Junior Olympic

 6 times a week  Swim Meets auto entered

Palm Springs:  M-F  5pm Sat  7 am


Varsity Group: Schedule depending on level and age of swimmer.

Option of 3 or 5 workouts a week.  May be assigned Gold group or with Seniors Depending on skill level.  Can also attend any of the 5:30 am Masters workouts Monday through Friday.  

Palm Springs:  Practice time determined by ability.  Speak with a Coach.

Palm Desert Aquatics Center:  MW  6:30pm  F 5:30 pm


Senior Blue

meets six times a week for 2-3 hours  Swim Meets are automatically entered.

Palm Springs M-F 4pm   S  6 :45 am 

Tu/Th 5 :30am Palm Desert

AM Workouts with Senior Gold will be optional for those not in high school,  Frosh/Soph attend one of the 2, Jr/Sr and older attend both.


Senior Gold

 6-8 workouts a week depending on age/school year.

Palm Springs  M through F 4pm  Sat  6:45am

 Tu/Th 5:30-7am in PALM DESERT



We may use an alternate schedule on extended school breaks or school holidays. You will be notified in advance when we can.   Practice may be canceled at anytime based on pool malfunctions, schedule conflicts, weather, or any other reason they see fit at the discretion of facility managers or our own staff.  We will do our best to notify you through email and facebook when that is the case.  Reminder that ultimately we rent facilities and last minute pool closures are usually not the decisions of our club and its staff.