Meet Schedules 

This is a working document that will allow all families from all the sites of the Rays to print a yearly meet Schedule. While this is a good represenation of what our schedule will be the RAYS Coaching Staff may change some of these meets to better serve our team.

There are three documents below. One for our Short Course season, one for our Long Course Season and one for our Mini Rays program. 

Meets are highly encouraged for All RAYS Swimmers, however are not required. Please contact your athlete's coach with questions regarding meets and event selections for those swim meets. 

Please note, the coaching staff has final decision ability on all swimmers' events and any relay teams that may be needed at particular meets. We will always approach each competition with the athlete's best interest at the core of our decisions. 

The expected costs (for most meets fees) will fall between $40-70 for the weekend, depending on number of swims the athlete competes in that weekend. Meet Fees will be billed to your account on the Tuesday before the meet starts. 

***If extenuating circumstances arise between that moment and the meet start please contact Big Show***

All Mini Rays Meets are held at the Rock Hill Aquatic Center. 325 Rawlinson Road, Rock Hill, SC and occur at no charge to the families of Mini Rays parents. 

Please be sure to check back here and your inbox for event updates and reminders throughout the season!

Rays Short Course (September 2022 to April 2023) Competition Calendar

Mini Rays 2022-23 Short Course Competition Calendar

Rays Long Course (April 2023 to August 2023) Competition Calendar