There is a place for all level of swimmer here with the Rays!  From the beginner wanting to learn how to swim, to the advanced swimmer with dreams of swimming in college or the Olympics, please feel free to call or email Tim Conley ([email protected]) at the Fort Mill Aquatics Center (803-547-8439) with any questions about our program.

Attendance Suggestions & Offering:

The number of practices for some groups is a suggestion and other groups a minimum number is required to be in the group. This minimum or suggested number of practices is what we as professional coaches believes in necessary for the proper development of your swimmer in the sport. If your child wants to attend more than what is suggested that is GREAT, we are doing our jobs! However, please consult with your coach. We don’t want to overload a young athlete with too many workouts at a young age. We have developed a progression that when followed will be very successful.   

Average Age:

The ages are the high and low in each group based on appropriate progression based on age. However, no means are these the set ages for each group.

Practice Guidelines:

Every training group for the Rays has established basic practice expectations. These expectations are in place to ensure athlete development and progression through each season. Three practice skills sets are addressed: Individual Medley Training (IM), Freestyle Interval Training; and Kicking Interval Training. The coaching staff believes that these practice guidelines will foster a challenging and fun learning environment for each training group.

Competition Suggestions:

The Rays is a year round competitive swim team and all swimmers placed into any of the age group levels are strongly encouraged to compete in every swim meet possible. The Mini-Rays will have their own smaller competitions where they compete against each other. Mini-Rays that show the competitive skills and desire to swim in USA/YMCA formatted meets can be allowed in swim meets only at the coach’s discretion.  Please note, an additional $100 registration fee will be owed to compete in the year round meets, due to registration fees with USA Swimming. The emphasis of swim meet participation progresses with each level of the groups, certain groups have an expected number of meets the athlete is expected to attend.  You will notice other groups have a minimum suggestion based on the coaching staff's expectation.  The Rays attend 7 to 10 meets from September to April (Short Course Season) and 3 to 5 meets from May to July (Long Course Season).

Group Moves:

This is a topic that is very hard to put an exact qualification on. However, as professional coaches we use the following areas to assess group moves:

  • Training Ability
  • Commitment Level
  • Swim Meet Participation
  • Group Availability
  • Competitive Skills
  • Parent involvement (Volunteering) in the SWIM program
  • Academic grades

(Note: Fall Group assessments for the new season are based on these categories throughout the Summer Long Course Season. If your swimmer does not compete or practice regularly throughout the summer Long Course season they will need to do a placement swim.)

General Group Guidelines 


Any Questions Please Email Tim Conley @ [email protected]