Thank you for your interest in the Upper Palmetto YMCA Rays.  If your child is interested in joining the Rays please Contact Us to schedule a placement swim with one of our coaches.  Please let us know your child's full name and age, as well as any days of the week that are best or worst for you.

9-7-2021: The following groups are full (Email [email protected] to be added to a wait list)

BAXTER YMCA: All levels of Mini Rays are Full

FMAC YMCA: All Levels of Mini Rays are Full, Atlantic Rays are Full, and Pre-Senior 2  is Full.

CSD Community YMCA: Atlantic Rays are full. 


Interested in the Clover School District Community YMCA Rays please email Coach Katie Wright [email protected] to schedule a placement.

Interested in the Gregory Family YMCA Rays program please email Coach Anne Small at [email protected] to schedule a placement.

Tryouts can also be scheduled day or evening at any location.  Once we receive your request, someone will get in touch with you to set up a time.

We look forward to seeing you!

Information on Rays swim groups

Information on Practice Schedules

Information on our Meet Schedules