Night Before Day 1 of Practice Reminders!

Tim Conley


Tomorrow is the start of the 2021-2022 Season for the RAYS! The schedule will be the Wednesday schedule that is posted under Practice Schedules online. Not all groups practice on Wednesdays at all sites, so please make sure of what days your swimmer has scheduled practices. If your swimmers group normally doesn’t practice on Wednesday, they will start on the next day they have a regularly scheduled practice.

Couple of reminders as we head into tomorrow:

#1: COVID/HEALTH protocols. We ask that if your swimmer is quarantined for any reason from school to follow the procedures we have outlined in the document provided from the YMCA (Link to COVID Protocols). Basically we will ask you to follow the same guidelines as the schools. Quarantined or positive test, please refrain from coming to practice. We will do our best during practice time to provide a safe environment for the staff and swimmers. It is ultimately your family’s decision whether or not to come to our practices/events. If your child wants to wear a mask that is your family’s decision. If for some reason any of our policies change, we will be sure to notify you all. We will also overly communicate to you all if someone in your child’s groups reports a positive test result to us. *If your school is virtual your child can come to practice, unless you were contacted by the school to quarantine. 

#2: What does your swimmer need for the first few practice? Goggles, Cap, tight fitting swim suit, and a great attitude!! All other equipment we will have a sizing day in the coming weeks! Be on the lookout for an email!

#3: Coaches: As some of you know a lot of our coaches also coach High School teams and are not available for the month of September. We have a roster included of the coaches and what groups they will be coaching. We are very optimistic to be announcing our new head coach soon. We had candidates from all over the USA and have successfully narrowed it down to an amazing selection of candidates. Once the Head coach is announced we will actively search for a replacement for Ed Cullen. We have 16 applicants for that position as well.

Excel Spreadsheet with Coaches and their groups.

Link to Coaches section on website with Bios and Pictures

#4: Parents and watching practice: We know on the first few days of practice parents will want to be at the practices. We ask that after you have dropped your child off that you please move yourself away from the group. We ask this so that our coaches can have your child’s full attention during the practice and to keep the number of people around the children as low as possible for safety reasons. Since most of the coaches go back to back with different practice groups, we ask that unless it’s an emergency please email your questions to the coaches or call Coach Tim.

#5: First few weeks of Practice: Please read the event page for the first few weeks of practice and how it works. The easiest way to think about it, ONE LARGE STROKE CLINIC and BUILD THE FOUNDATION FOR A GREAT SEASON AHEAD! Link to Event Page

The coaching staff is super excited about the season getting under way. We know tomorrow will be hectic for a lot of you the parents and especially our newer swimmers. Please know we will take it slow and make sure everyone’s first day is one to remember! The 2021-2022 Season is just over 16 hours away!

-Tim Conley, Interim Head Coach