Frist Swim Meet of the Year Info and Answers to Questions

Tim Conley


The first meet of the season is approaching fast and with that we know there are a lot of questions. We apologize for the website sending the templated email out prior to the event being posted.

Who should sign up for this meet?

This meet is for all swimmers in the following groups:

Atlantic Rays, Blue Rays, Electric Rays, Manta Rays, Pre-Senior 1 & 2, and Senior 1 & 2

*Mini Rays swimmer will have their first meet in November! As the season progresses some mini ray swimmers might be invited by the coaching staff to swim in the USA swimming events.

Does my swimmer have to swim all 3 days?

We would love for your swimmer to swim all 3 days. The meet is Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. However, most swimmers don’t need to swim all 3 days. Friday night is only the 1000 free event. So the majority of the swimmers (especially younger swimmers) will not be swimming that event. We encourage anyone who wants to, to sign up and talk to your coach. There are not many opportunities throughout the year to swim events like the 1000 free and 1650 free, so take the opportunity when you can.

If your swimmer can only swim Saturday, then just sign up for events on Saturday.

We want to make this experience a rewarding one for your athlete, so please sign them up accordingly.

What events should I pick for my athlete?

We encourage you to pick the events or strokes that your swimmer is most comfortable with. We also want to challenge your swimmer to learn all the strokes and different distances. After your done selecting your child events, your swimmers coach will log in and look over the selections. Sometimes the coaches will adjust or add an event because they want to see how your swimmer does. The approved events will then be emailed back to you for your approval.

What about Relays?

Coaches will determine relays based on times and who is available. Not all swimmers will get on relays but we will do our best to get everyone an opportunity through the season.

What are the costs associated with the meet?

Most meets have a per swimmer surcharge and a per event fee. In the case of the meets this weekend the fees are only a surcharge. So it is a $21 surcharge to swim on Friday and Saturday (or just Saturday) and $21 to swim on Sunday.

Volunteering, VOLUNTEAM!

We can’t host these meets without a tremendous amount of volunteer support. Hosting our own meets eliminates to cost of traveling (Gas, Hotels, food etc) that is associated with youth sports. You will see these positions under Jobs. We ask that each family provide at least 1 volunteer for each day your swimmer is swimming. There is a vast amount of volunteer positions from timers, to award, to concessions, to hospitality. We will be sending out another email with regards to the volunteering program and the positions available this week.

Please read the event page info, it has a ton of information on it. For example, this is for the coaches invite on Sunday the 24th info:


Rock Hill Aquatics Center

325 Rawlinson Road

Rock Hill, SC 29732


Type of Meet:

CYSL YMCA 1 Day Timed Finals Format.

Swimmers can swim up to 4 Individual events per day

What Groups:

All Rays Swimmers in the following Groups.

Atlantic Rays, Blue Rays, Electric Rays, Manta Rays, Pre-Senior 1 and 2, & Senior 1 and 2

*Mini Rays Swimmers are included in this meet. Their first meet will be in November 

Meet Fees:

Per Swimmer Surcharge: $21 

Per Event Fee: $0 (Normally meets have a per event fee of $2.50 to $4.00, this meet does not and only comes with a per swimmer surcharge)

T-Shirt Schedule:

Sunday: Black Bold Rays Shirt

Meet Schedule:


Sun: 13&overs: 7:30 AM  12&u:  12:00 PM

Meet Starts:   

Sun: 13&overs: 9 AM    12&u: 1:00 PM

Suit and Cap for Rays Swimmers:

Team Suit and Team Cap Only

*If you have ordered a suit and not received it yet, try to wear a black or dark colored suit

Other Important Info:

Meet goals for the Senior, Pre-Senior, Manta and Blue Groups:

The goal over the first two/three meets is to achieve an IMX score. To do this the swimmers need to compete in a wide range of events. Once the swimmer achieves all of the events, they earn a IMX score. South Carolina Swimming Select Camp and some national level camps use this score to make their selection of athletes. Here are the ages and events a swimmer must compete in to achieve an IMX score.


Ready to move forward? The next step is IM Xtreme (IMX). The IMX ranking includes a series of five or six events at longer distances. Once you've completed the IMX program, you can find out where your IMX score ranks nationally, within your zone, within your LSC rank and on your club.

9 & Under; 10-year olds: 200 Free, 100 Back, 100 Breast, 100 Fly, 200 IM

11-year olds; 12-year olds: 400 Free (LC) or 500 Free (SC), 100 Back, 100 Breast, 100 Fly, 200 IM

13, 14, 15, 16, 17, & 18-year olds: 400 Free (LC) or 500 Free (SC), 200 Back, 200 Breast, 200 Fly, 200 IM, 400 IM

By the conclusion of the November meets we want as many swimmers to achieve an IMX score!

Meet Goals for Atlantic Swimmers:

Since some of you this is your first big meet, we want the swimmers to swim events they are comfortable with. If you swimmer is up to the challenge of the IMX events, then let’s do it! There is another program for 8 & Unders in the state of South Carolina called I’M Tough! When an 8 & Under swimmer legally competes and earns a time in the following events, they earn a T-shirt from the South Carolina State swimming committee that says, “IM tough!”

The events for the 8 & Under IM TOUGH award are:

200 Free, 200 IM , 50 Back, 50 Breast, 50 Fly, 50 Free.


We will send more and more info out as the time draws nearer to the meet. Please feel free to email the coaching staff with any questions.