Friday, October 22nd - Monday, October 25th Practice Schedule Changes for FMAC, CSD, RHAC, and GFY Swimmers Due to Swim Meet

Tim Conley

Hello Rays Athletes and Parents,

Our first meet weekend draws near and the excitement is absolutely building, both with the athletes and the coaching staff. 

Given the small nature of the session tomorrow afternoon I and the coaches wanted to offer a practice opportunity to those athletes not competing on Friday evening. 

This practice offering will be held at FMAC (RHAC is hosting the meet and CSD is closed for deep cleaning of the pools) tomorrow 10/22. Please look over the schedule carefully for tomorrow, Friday 10/22. There is no Mini Rays practice tomorrow.

Fort Mill Aquatic Center (FMAC)    
Mini Rays 1,2,3   Cancel
Atlantic   4:30-5:30pm
Manta/Electric    4:45-6:00pm
Pre Senior 1/2   6:00-7:15pm
Senior 1/2    6:00-7:15pm
Rock Hill Aquatic Center    
Atlantic @ Fort Mill Aquatic Center   4:30-5:30pm
Mini Rays 1   Cancel
Mini Rays 2   Cancel
Electric @ Fort Mill Aquatic Center   4:45-6:00pm
Pre-Senior/Senior @Fort Mill Aquatic Center   6:00-7:15pm
Mini Rays 1,2,3   Cancel
Atlantic @Fort Mill Aquatic Center   4:30-5:30pm
Manta @Fort Mill Aquatic Center   4:45-6:00pm
Pre Senior 1/2 @ Fort Mill Aquatic Center   6:00-7:15pm
Senior 1/2 @ Fort Mill Aquatic Center   6:00-7:15pm
Gregory Family YMCA @GFY (No location change)  
Manta   4-5:15pm
Pre Senior 1/2   5:15-6:30pm
Senior 1/2   5:15-6:30pm

***IF you are volunteering, or have a swimmer/sibling that is competing at the meet on Friday, you are welcome to swim at RHAC (I will have a workout for you to do) AFTER the meet starts, 6:00pm that way you can still get a practice in without having to be in two places at once.***

There is NO practice Saturday 10/23 for any RAYS training groups.

There will be no practice Monday 10/25 for most of the RAYS team. CSD Mini Rays will have practice on Monday.

Normal Practices for everyone will resume on Tuesday 10/26. (Yes Senior 1 drylands 6am at Riverwalk on Tuesday).

Thank you for your time and understanding. I look forward to our first meet weekend together and keep up the great work! 

It's time to RAYSUP!

Stay Frosty,
Big Show