Thanksgiving Week Schedule 2021

Jon Mengering

Good Morning Rays Nation,

I have finalized the schedules based on lane availability, facility hours and coaching for the coming days. I apologize for this taking a bit longer than I had hoped, but with so many moving pieces I wanted to be sure we could offer something concrete and have it staffed properly. Thank you for your patience. 

You will see an attachement for each site; one for Rock Hill, one for CSD and one for Fort Mill. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. 

Today, Tuesday 11/23 is Normal Schedule. Reminder, no Mini Rays after today!

**Wednesday 11/24 and Friday 11/26 are very different. Please be sure you know when and where you are practicing. Unless it is specified, the practice is being held at your normal site. ONLY Pre1/Senior2/Senior1 will have practices at different sites.**

NO Practice for any Rays Swimmers on Thursday 11/25.

Saturday morning, 11/27 is the same for all sites and is at Fort Mill Aquatic Center for all sites/groups. 

**Pre1/Senior2/Senior1 you have doubles on Wednesday and Friday, make sure you know WHERE those practices are being held.**

In closing, I understand this is a holiday week, a great time to exhale and spend some great quality time with friends and family. If you are in town, able to make practices and get some great work in during this week I strongly encourage you to do so, yes even those doubles for you older swimmers!

 If you are traveling, please do so carefully and be patient, there will be literally millions of people doing the same thing in the next 24-48 hours. Enjoy your time away, if you can find a pool/team to swim with do so! Many teams welcome visitors especially around the holidays. Make sure you come back to Rays Nation safe, sound and with full bellies. 

I encourage everyone reading this email, swimmer/parent/sibling/caretaker/friend of the team, take some time this week, reflect on how good your life truly is; be thankful for those that make it possible and make your life richer and more vibrant. Be thankful for all you have, cast aside the trivial thoughts of what you don't. Be grateful for each day, every opportunity and all that you are; and take a moment to thank those that make it all worthwhile. 

Stay Frosty,
Big Show