Associate Director of Competitive Aquatics Announcement!

Jon Mengering

Good Morning RAYS families!

We are truly excited to announce that after a two month interview process of interested parties, the new Associate Director of Competitive Aquatics will be our very own Josh Brown! Coach Josh has been with the RAYS since 2020, and in that time has worked with every age group and skill level from our Mighty Mini RAYS up to our Senior YMCA National’s swimmers, as well as revamped our dry land program to something most teams in the area have nothing close to! His investments to the team have been wonderful so far, and we are excited to see what we can do together moving forward.

Before joining the RAYS, starting in 2016 Josh coached for four years at Swim MAC Carolina, working under Coach Eric Lane, developing and managing the team’s dry land programming and execution. This afforded him the opportunity to work daily with swimmers ranging from those just starting out in competitive swimming, to those competing at Jr. Nationals, and eventually Nationals and Olympic trials. In addition to his knowledge of the sport, Coach Josh has a passion and commitment to helping these athletes that the RAYS find invaluable in a coach!

Coach Josh will be officially assuming the role of Associate Director of Competitive Aquatics today, November 10, 2022. Paired with his dry land duties at all sites, this role will be based at the CSD YMCA, with a joint approach to leading the RHAC YMCA with our head coach, Big Show, and the RHAC site lead, Coach Wayne Lowery. With Coach Anne leading our GFY location, the RAYS Program is in an incredible spot and poised to make big moves in the coming seasons! The best is yet to come.

Over the next several months, Coach Josh’s role will continue to evolve and formalize in nature. As such, Big Show and Coach Tim will be assisting at Rock Hill when available until we can determine specific scheduling for this position. However, Coach Josh will continue as he has these past several months, to program and send out the dryland portion of our training program to all sites.

Everyone at the YMCA is truly excited to have such a passionate, caring, and above all else, energizing coach to be a part of our future! Today is another great day for our program and the YMCA as a whole. Thanks for your patience and your support of the amazing program we call RAYS!


Big Show                         Tim Conley
Executive Director of Competitive Aquatics         Regional Vice President    
RAYS Head Coach            

A Letter From Coach Josh

Hello RAYS Families!

Let me first say thank you for this wonderful opportunity! Having been with the RAYS since July of 2020, I know how amazing this program is and how lucky I am to be a part of it! 

Being a coach, specifically with the RAYS, has allowed me to pursue my love for sports, and in turn taught me a new passion of helping these youth athletes the way my coaches helped me become who I am today. I played all kinds of sports growing up, and learned so much along the way, but getting into coaching exposed me to concepts of athletics that I hadn’t much considered as a youth athlete. Notions such as proper mobility and strength training, nutrition, and other recovery methods have taken their place at the forefront of proper athletic training. This helps to ensure a healthy body and mental approach to sports, and implementing these approaches to our program will help our athletes perform at their best and stay healthy while doing it! 

I have coached all ages and skill levels of swimmers from 4 year olds first learning to be in the water at all, to college athletes competing at the D1 level, all the way to Masters swimmers in their 70s! In all of that time there are always two unanimous themes, the desire to have fun and the desire to improve. Applying these two themes in my approach to coaching allows our athletes the balance of knowing they are working hard and getting better, while still being able to enjoy themselves despite the hard work they do daily. 

I’m excited to be taking this step with the RAYS, and I am looking forward to helping even more with the direction of our awesome program!

Thank you for your continued support!

Coach Josh