Parent Education

Athlete Protection

We request that all our parents take this free training in order to better protect our athletes and in complaince with USA Swimming.  This course does not take long and will make Rays an even safer space for our athletes.

Link for Athlete Protection course for parents


Balancing Academics & Athletics

How to Effectively Balance Your Time in High School

The Struggle is Real: Balancing Swimming & Academics

7 Tips for Parents about College Recruiting

Balancing Academics and Athletics- What Your Coach is Really Thinking


Being a Swim Parent

Your Role as a Parent

Glossary of Swimming Terminology


How will families receive team communications?

E-mail - This is our primary means of communication with all swimming families.  It is very important that each family has a current e-mail address on file in their account.  Confirmation of meet entries will also be sent out via e-mail.  It is the responsibility of the swimmer or parents to double check each meet entry after it is distributed.  Mistakes sometimes happen in meet entries; however, it is much easier to fix them prior to a meet than on the actual day of competition.


Website - We will be posting information on many different items on the web site including meet information, hotel information and meet results.  In addition, swim meets are done through the website.

Who can families contact for answers to questions?

Coaches - You can easily e-mail our coaches by clicking the appropriate link on the Coaches page of the website.  You can also send a note to practice with your swimmer.  When contacting the coaches, please be considerate. The coaches usually make themselves available for 10 minutes after practice to answer questions, provide information, etc.  Please do not try to talk to the coaches while they are in the middle of coaching practice as this disrupts the flow of practice and is distracting to coaches and swimmers.

Website Administrator/General Contact - If you have general or specific questions that don’t need to be answered by a coach, e-mail Tim Conley.  If he can’t answer your question, he will direct you to the appropriate person.  

Team Administrator - The team administrator is Tim Conley / Kay West.  Kay is available at the front desk of the Aquatics Center from 5:30am to 1:00pm.  If you have any billing questions you can contact Tim Conley.