Aquazot December Age Group Invitational Meet

Todd Hickman
There’s no place like home!  Aquazot competes and travels all over, but at the end of the day, nothing beats a great home meet.  Our coaches, families, swimmers, mentors, and mentees gathered this weekend at Portola High School to host this year’s Aquazot December 12&under Invitational and the results speak for themselves.

The following Azots earned first place finishes: Sydney Chang, Austin Chen, Zhuo Chen, Alexis Chew, Matthew Chiang, Ryan Chu, Kaya Dym, Ava Encheff, Megan Han, Lucien Huang, Ethan Ma, Azam Masud, Kellen Nguyen, Taryn Nguyen, Chloe Olson, Collin Pajer, Haylee Pramono, Lyric Radke, Madeleine Szymanowski, Kohl Tang, Kristina Tang, Morgan Vu, Andy Wan, Elizabeth Wraith.

The following Azots earned significant time drops (more than 10 sec): Kaya Dym, Naomi Fortier, Naaya Gandotra, Madeline Han, Yehia Hassan, Raymond Jew, Azam Masud, Illia Niedoviesov, Collin Pajer, Sumit Pandey, Daniel Putra, Michelle Wu, Qianpu Ye, Ethan Zhou, Xi Zhu.

The following Azots earned new qualifying times to WAG from this meet: Sydney Chang, Alexis Chew, Karlie Choy, Eren Doker, Raymond Jew, Bethany Kim, Leo Maoui, Taryn Nguyen, Chloe Olson, Gening Qian, Leema Saadi, Niccolo Troccoli, Elizabeth Wraith, Qianpu Ye, Liam von Schonfeldt.


News by: Deborah Tang

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