Cash Donations to Aquazot

The Aquazot Swim Club is a non-profit corporation dedicated to meet the needs of all ages and levels of competitive swimmers. We need your financial support to allow us to continue developing our club, and to establish it as a world class swimming program. The Aquazot Swim Club appreciates our sponsors’ efforts in helping us to reach our goals and provide our members with the finest coaching staff, advanced training aids and equipment. It is our mission to provide a fun, safe, and exciting environment, where swimmers at all levels of ability can develop a sense of ownership of their own athletic destiny.

Your support for our athletic program will go directly to developing one of the premier swimming programs in America. How can I help Aquazot Swim Club reach its goals?

1.       Sponsor equipment (kickboards, lane lines, pull buoys, team canopies).

2.       Sponsor our travel meet expenses for athletes in need.

3.       Advertise on our website. Your donations go directly to support the programs and activities of the Aquazot Swim Club. All sponsors will be recognized on our website for their contribution.

If you would like to remain anonymous for your donation please indicate when sending your donation.

  • Sponsorship Programs:
  • Platinum Sponsors ($2000+)
  • Gold Sponsors ($1500 - $1900)
  • Silver Sponsors ($1000 - $1400)
  • Bronze Sponsors ($500-$900)
  • Friends of AZOT ($75-$249)


How do I make a donation to the Aquazot Swim Club?  Make a check payable to Aquazot.  You may drop a check off at the UC Irvine pool or mail to:

Aquazot Swim Club

PO Box 6136, Irvine, CA  92616

List of Donors