The Zot 1 group is our introductory level to competitive swimming. This group consists of swimmers ages 5 to 8 years old who have had little to no experience. This group is perfect for those who love to swim and are curious on what it takes to get to the next level. Swimmers in this group are placed based on their current abilities and skills of each stroke.

Swimmers with no competitive swim experience or have not attended a USA swim competition will be placed in Zot 1. 

Zot 1 Commitments & Requirements:

  • Must be able to swim 1 full lap or have an idea of each stroke without stopping or grabbing the wall
  • Must attend practice 3x a week
  • Must wear appropriate swimsuits, swim cap, & goggles
  • Must attend swim meets 

In the Zot 1 group coaches and swimmers will be focused on:

  • Learning to be legal in all four strokes
  • Learning how to dive
  • How to push off the wall in a streamline
  • How to flip turn
  • Learn Circle pattern swimming within the lanes
  • Having great listening skills (No talking while coach is instructing, keeping head above water, having good eye contact)
  • Being a team player
  • Having Fun!
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