The Zot 2 group is the second level of our 5 to 8 year old age group program. Swimmers in Zot 2 have had some competitive swimming experience and are working on refining their stroke technique, focused on time improvements, are in the process of becoming leaders, and overall are well rounded in the sport of swimming. Swimmers in this group are expected to know all of Zot 1 qualifications prior to joining or moving up. Swimmers should be able to perform all 4 strokes legally, flip turn, dive and streamline. The focus in the group is to achieve time standards and improve current technique to move up.

Zot 2 Commitments & Requirements:

  • Must be legal in all 4 strokes
  • Must know how to dive and flip-turn
  • Must know how to push off the wall in a streamline
  • Have attended 3 swim meets 
  • Have ‘B’ 8&under time standards in 3 events or more
  • Must attend practice 3x a week
  • Must have appropriate swimsuits, swim cap, goggles, long fins, & kickboard
  • Must attend swim meets 
  • Have appropriate listening skills

In the Zot 2 group coaches and swimmers will be focused on:

  • Refining swimming techniques in all 4 strokes
  • Refining flip-turns & open turns
  • Introduction to streamline dolphin kicks and pulldowns
  • Building endurance
  • Learning to race 
  • Learning to read the clock
  • Learning intervals and bases
  • Introduction of swim drills


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