The ZOT 3 Group is the top group for our 8&under age swimmers. These swimmers have at least 1-2 yeears experience in competitive swimming and have achieved ‘Blue’ level times for their age. The focus of this practice group is to improve the swimmer’s stroke skills and develop their enthusiasm for swimming while teaching them the skills they will need to transition into our 9-12 year-old Azot 2 group. Time is also spent on teaching swimmers the "how-to’s" of swim practice sessions (reading a pace clock, swimming circle pattern, etc.).


Swimmers in this group can compete in "Blue", "Summer/Winter Invite", and J.O. level swim meets. Swimmers are encouraged to attend 4 of the 5 scheduled practices each week.

Swimmers in this group are expected to have the following apparel/equipment:
Aquazot Team Suit
Aquazot Team Cap
Aquazot T-shirt
Aquazot Team Sweatshirt
Zoomer style short fins

Practice Days & Times*

*See Schedule and Group Calendars

*Swim practice are held rain or shine
*No practice on most holidays
*Please check the Zot 3 Group Calendar and email for any changes