The Zot 3 group is our advanced group for 6 to 8 year-old swimmers. Swimmers in this group have one to three years of competitive swimming experience and have achieved SCS 8&under ‘A’ time standards and are working towards JAG, WAG, & JO time standards. Zot 3 swimmers  are becoming more self-motivated, understand the concepts of swimming drills, swim techniques, and swim sets. The Zot 3 group teaches the concepts of leadership, teamwork, and swimmers who complete the Zot 3 group will transition to the Azot 2 group when they turn 9 years-old. Swimmers must have also achieved all of Zot 1 and Zot 2 qualifications prior to joining this group.

Zot 3 Commitment & Requirements:

  • Have 1-3 year competitive swimming experience
  • Have achieved 3 SCS ‘A’ time standards
  • Have accomplished the Zot 1 & Zot 2 requirements
  • Attend 4 - 5 practices weekly
  • Will attend swim meets monthly
  • Have appropriate listening skills
  • Understand the basics of how to read and use a pace clock

In the Zot 3 group coaches and swimmers will be focused on:

  • Improving stroke technique 
  • Developing great teamwork skills
  • Achieving JAG, WAG, and JO time standards
  • Building consistency in skills and drills
  • Having fun!!!
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