Here are some important tips to help swimmers
have a positive and successful meet:

1. Get to the pool on time. If you arrive on time to the pool, your
swimmer will have plenty of time to check-in, stretch, and get their
full meet warm-up in. Warmed up muscles equal happy muscles and that
leads to happy and fast swimmers.

2. Wear your Aquazot Team Cap, Team Suit, and Team apparel. Not only
will your swimmer look great in the Aquazot gear, but they will also
look like you’re a part of the team. Go Aquazot!!!

3. Each swimmer must check-in with their coach before each race with
their heat and lane. Your swimmer’s coach will be able to give your
child some racing strategies and tips on how to successfully do each
race. By giving the heat and lane, the coach will be able to know when
your child is swimming and will be able to give feedback to each

4. Show up to your event 5-10 minutes before you swim. If you miss
your race you will be taken out of the next race as well by the meet

5. Show team spirit. Lets cheer on our Aquazot teammates and swimmers.
The louder the kids and parents get, the faster our kids swim! Go

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