Who We Are

BREA Aquatics (Bi-County Regional Elite Aquatics) is a year round swim club located in north Orange County in Southern California. Our practice site is located at Mount San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) in the City of Walnut. We are associated with SCS (Southern California Swimming) and swim in the Orange Region. Swimmers of all ages and all abilities are welcome.

BREA Aquatics is a non-profit Corporation governed by a Board of Directors elected from the membership. The Board is responsible for the everyday administration of the team including hiring of coaches, team finances, pool agreements, organization of team functions, and fundraising.

The Coaching Staff are employees of the Corporation and are responsible, under the guidance and supervision of the Head Coach, for all matters relating to the planning, development and implementation of the swimming programs.

The team has been in existence since 1971 and merged with Gemini Aquatics in 2003.

Team Philosophy

BREA Aquatics is a family-oriented team with the primary goal of providing swimmers of all ages and abilities the opportunity to be part of a top-quality swim team. We recognize and emphasize that it is not necessary to be a top swimmer to be part of a top team. On the other hand our aim is to build a framework within which each swimmer is able to achieve his/her full potential as a competitive athlete.

The involvement of parents in the activities of the team is encouraged, in fact it is expected, since we feel that their participation and support is essential for the lasting success of any youth organization

Coaching Philosophy

The coaching philosophy at BREA Aquatics is quite simple: to create an atmosphere where swimming is safe, fun, and productive for swimmers of every ability level. The coaching staff at Brea strongly believes that the basic foundation for every successful swimmer is a love for the sport of swimming.

As coaches we try to nurture this philosophy by developing each swimmer at their own pace. Beginning swimmers are taught to have fun while leaning the four basic competitive strokes. As each swimmer matures and becomes more serious so too does the level of coaching. In addition, as a swimmer moves from one group to the next, the duration and intensity of each workout is increased and more emphasis is placed upon refining technique, race strategy and motivation.

We believe that by following this progression we at BREA Aquatics will be developing swimmers that will have a long and successful relationship with the sport of swimming.

Practice Groups

There are a number of practice groups that the year round swimmers are divided into. The Bronze group is for our youngest swimmers, designed for 5-6 years old and those swimmers 12 and under who are new to swimming. The Silver group is for swimmers 7-13 who have a basic understanding of swimming skills. The Gold Group is for swimmers 8-13 who have a high degree of competitive swimming experience. The Age Group Select is for those swimmers 10-13 who have a high degree of competitive swimming experience and have mostly "A" swimming times. The Pre-Senior group is for swimmers 13 and up who have some competitive swimming experience. The Senior and National group are for swimmers that have a high degree of competitive experience who are working towards competing at a national level.

BREA Aquatics also runs a summer swim team program that is open to all swimmers and runs June - August. It includes instruction, practice, team shirt and cap, and a swim meet at the end of the summer.

Swim Meets

BREA Aquatics encourages its swimmers to enter one swim meet a month. Swim meets are entered online.