Age group :

This training group is designed to introduce and advance swimmers in year-round swimming. Correct stroke mechanics are always emphasized, and as stroke skills improve swimmers are challenged with more difficult training sets. Swimmers are encouraged to enjoy their swimming and to begin to focus more on the competitive aspect of the sport. Swimmers in this group should compete in “BB” level swim meets. Swimmers in this level are generally age 13 years and under. Swimmers should attend minimum 3-4 out of the 5 offered practices per week. 

 2022 Practice Schedule:

Monday - Thursday  (Swimming)

 3:30 - 5:00 PM

Tuesday & Thursday  (*Dryland)

5:00 - 5:45 PM

Friday   (Swimming)

3:30 - 5:00 PM

Saturday (Swimming)**

7:00 - 9:00 AM

*For safety reason all swimmers must have proprer athletic gear (shoes and Clothes) to partecipate in this activity.

 **In order to participate: must obtain approval (or invitation) from the Junior coach, minimum of 11 years old and have a minimum of 90% monthly attendance.

Age Group (fundamental part 2) (9- 12)

  1. To continue to enhance ABC’s to develop overall sports skills
  2. To begin to integrate physical, mental, cognitive, and emotional components within a well-structured program introduce concept of training: endurance, strength and speed
  3. Introduce and develop athletics-specific skills and fitness
  4. Learning to Compete
  5. To integrate physical, mental, cognitive, and emotional development

Age Group Criteria:

Minimum requirement to join this group:


  1. 50 yards backstroke swim with flip turn with 2 fly kick underwater (<40”)


  1. 50 Freestyle with Flip turn and 2-4 fly kick under water (<48”)


  1. 50 Breaststroke minimum 7-yard pulldown (<55)


  1. 50 Butterfly fly with 2 fly kick underwater after the turn (<60”)
  2. 100 fly kicks (on back, R. Side, L. Side front switch every 25)

Dive from block

  1. Track start and grab start
  2. 10-15 yards underwater streamline fly kick


  1. Knowing how to work with the pace clock
  2. Be able to swim 12X50s free @ 1’10
  3. Kick 6x50 @1:30


  1. Have competed at least in 3 USA SWIMMING SANCTIONED swim meet
  2. Have competed successfully during the current swimming season in three of the following events: 50-Yard backstroke, 50 Yard Freestyle, 50 Breaststroke and 50 Butterfly (must be a USA swimming sanction meet)

 Age Group Expectation:

  1. Attend a minimum of 4 practices per week. Each and every practice is a necessary component for success as a Age group swimmer.
  2. Arrive to practice on time with a positive attitude. 
  3. Train at or above a level appropriate for current experience and speed.
  4. Attend all competitions recommended by the Age group Coach (minimum 3 swim meet per season)
  5. Participate in all IM READY events every season (SCY & LCM) 
  6. Wear a team T-shirt and/or Uniform, Team suit and team cap to all swim meets, Tech suit for this group is not allowed.

Required Equipments:

  1. Speedo Bullet Snorkel (junior size is best)
  2. Kickboard
  3. Fins
  4. Stroke Maker Hand Paddles (usually small red size) 
  5. Small Pull Buoy