Junior Group

This is a group that will meet the needs of all competitive swimmers ages 12-14 who have a desire to reach the top level of the sport. Swimmers in this group are skilled and experienced athletes who still need to improve their overall level of swimming and should be focused on preparing for the demands of the top teaching group. Swimmers need to be swimming at the BB level for their age group to qualify for this group. Swimmers are encouraged to attend a minimum of 75% of the monthly practices to get the best out of this group.

2022 Practice Schedule:

Monday - Thursday  (Swimming)

 5:00 - 7:00 PM

Tuesday & Thursday  (*Dryland)

4:00 - 5:00 PM

Friday   (Swimming)

4:00 - 6:00 PM

Saturday (Swimming)

7:00 - 9:00 AM

*For safety reason all swimmer must have proprer athletic gear (shoes and Clothes) to partecipate in this activity.

Objective (Building the Engine) (11-14)

1.To develop endurance, strength and speed

2.To develop athletics-specific skills and fitness

3.Learning to Compete

4.To integrate physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development

Group Criteria:

Minimum requirement to join this group:

  1. From 12-14 years old. Knowing how to work with the pace clock during a complex set.
  2. One WAG or JAG or 3 “BB” motivational times standard for their age
  3. Have competed in all of IMX ready event and have a minimum of 1000 point
  4. Have at least 80% of the attendance in the last 4 months
  5. Have competed in at least 4 meets during the previous season
  6. Must be able to swim a set like 8X100 free 1’45 SCY and 12 X 50s stroke (no free) @1’10”
  7. Kick set 8x100 @2’00
  8. Age group May obtain an invitation by the Head Coach after coach recommendation

To remain in this group:

  1. Have at least 70% of attendance monthly
  2. Have achieved new time standard in 2 events.
  3. Have competed in at least 4 meets during the previous season.
  4. Have competed in all of IMX ready event and have a minimum of 1500 point
  5. Follow expectation and guideline for this group

For more information regarding the IMX program visit USA Swimming


Junior Swimmers expectation:

  1. Attend a minimum of 4 practices per week. Each and every practice is a necessary component for success as a junior group swimmer.
  2. Arrive to practice on time with a positive attitude.
  3. Train at or above a level appropriate for current experience and speed. 
  4. Attend all competitions recommended by the Junior Coach (minimum 3 swim meet per season)
  5. Participate in all IM READY events per season (SCY & LCM)  
  6. Wear a team T-shirt and/or Uniform, Team suit and team cap to all swim meets, Tech suit for this group is not allowed.

Required Equipment:

  1. Hand Paddles (size appropriate – see coach)
  2. Pull Buoy
  3. Speedo Bullet Snorkel
  4. Junior Kick board
  5. Fins
  6. Mesh Bag