Senior Group (13 & older)

This is the top level of Buenaventura Swim Club, practice group for swimmers 13 years & older coached by our Head Coach. Practices are scheduled six days per week, and some morning practices may be required. Correct stroke mechanics are emphasized in each practice session, as swimmers are developed to improve and become the best athlete possible. Space in this group is limited, and swimmers who meet the minimum performance requirements may be assigned to other groups until space becomes available. Swimmers are expected to attend all practice sessions and scheduled competitions.

2022 - 2023 Practice Schedule 
Monday - Thursday (Swimming)  5:00 - 7:00 PM
Monday - Thursday (*Dryland)  4:00 - 5:00 PM
Friday (Swimming)  4:00 - 6:00 PM
Saturday (Swimming)  7:00 - 9:00 AM

*For safety reason all swimmers must have proprer athletic gear (shoes and clothes) to participate in this activity.

Group Objective:

  1. To develop event specific area physical preparation;
  2. To introduce event specific protocols to identify strengths and weaknesses;
  3. To implement event area specialization; and,
  4. To continue to integrate physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development.

Group criteria:

Minimum requirement to join this group:

  1. Two “A” Motivational times standard;
  2. Minimum of 2000 point for the IMX Ready;
  3. Must be able to swim (SCY) 16X100 Free 1’30 (stroke count 14/15 per 25) holding a pace 100BT +12”;and 4(4x100 1’30/1’40, 8x25 recovery 30”) one round of each stroke or two stroke holding a pace (200 best time - 100 Best time) MAX HR 180;
  4. Kick set [email protected]’50 + 10x50 @45”.
  5. Junior may obtain an invitation from the Head Coach.

To remain in this group:

  1. Have achieved new time standard in 2 events.
  2. Have competed in all of IMX extreme event. and have achieved minimum of 2000 point.
  3. Have achieved minimum of 2000 point IMX or minimum of 2500 point for the IMX Ready.
  4. Must have competed in all of the swim meets the previous season (SCY and Long Course).
  5. Have at least 85% of attendance monthly.
  6. Follow expectation and guideline for this group.
 Senior swimmer expectation:
  • Accept the responsibility of his/her performance;
  • Understand and perform specific race strategies;
  • Effectively communicate his/her commitment to his/her parents and coach;
  • Balance school, family, swimming, and social commitments; and,
  • Take responsibility for their own swimming careers.

Required Equipment:

  1. Strokemaker Hand Paddles (size appropriate – see coach)
  2. Pull Buoy
  3. Speedo Bullet Snorkel
  4. Arena Pull Kick Pro
  5. Fins
  6. Mesh Bag 
* * *