Senior Prep (12-14 years old)


This group is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of swimmers 12-years-old & older swimmerswhether they are just getting started in competitive swimming or if they are a competitive swimmer also participating in other sports. The focus of this practice group is to improve the swimmer’s stroke skills and develop their enthusiasm for swimming.

Swimmers are given a challenging practice designed to teach them how to be more efficient in the water. Swimmers must be able to swim 100 yards freestyle without assistance to start in this group. Meet participation is optional but encouraged. Swimmers are encouraged to attend 3 of the 6 weekly practices to get the most out of this group.

2022 Practice Schedule

Monday - Thursday (Swimming)

 3:45 - 5:15 PM

Tuesday & Thursday (Dryland) - Activity Temporarily Suspended

5:00 - 5:40 PM

Friday (Swimming)

5:00 - 6:00 PM

*For safety reason all swimmer must have proprer athletic gear (shoes and clothes) to participate in this activity.


Group Objective: Challenge of Competition (12-years-old and over)

  1. To develop endurance, strength and speed;
  2. Learning to compete;
  3. To develop event specific area physical preparation;
  4. To introduce event specific protocols to identify strengths and weaknesses; and,
  5. To continue to integrate physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development.

Group Criteria:

Minimum requirement to join this group:

  1. Meet the age requirement minimum of 12-years-old and a maximum of 14-years-old;
  2. Knowing how to swim freestyle and backstroke;Be able to swim 100 yards free without stopping;
  3. Be able to swim 8 X 50s freestyle @ 1:30; and,
  4. Knowing how to work with the pace clock.

To remain in this group:

  1. Have a minimum of 50% of attendance; and,
  2. Have competed successfully during the current swimming season in two events (must be a USA swimming-sanctioned meet).

Required Equipment:

  1. IM Tech Hand Paddles (small/medium)
  2. Junior Team Pull Buoy
  3. Junior Speedo Bullet Snorkel
  4. Junior Team kickboard
  5. Short fins (Zoomer): SWITCHBLADE FIN, Biofuse fins (preferred) or Trialon rubber swim fins
  6. Mesh Bag