The goals of Buenaventura Swim Club include, among others, to teach swimming skills, to help the youth of our community develop into responsible, mature adults, and to provide the young people of our community with a positive training environment where they have the opportunity to reach their greatest physical, intellectual, social and emotional potential through competitive swimming. 

It is Buenaventura Swim Club’s pledge to direct the team’s resources to help youth discover that swimming is a sport they can enjoy the rest of their lives and to provide opportunities to learn to swim and/or excel in swimming to individuals of all ages and all backgrounds.

To ensure these opportunities are open to everyone in our community, Buenaventura Swim Club provides financial assistance to qualifying families. Members interested in receiving assistance are encouraged to download the BSC Scholarship Application form. Once completed, please email it to [email protected], or send to: Buenaventura Swim Club P.O. Box 3934, Ventura, CA 93006.

The Financial Assistance Committee will review the application and supporting documentation and will provide a response to the members as soon as it is possible. Those members who receive financial assistance are expected to continue to honor their fundraising and volunteer commitments.