In this page you will find:

  • Registration Process for Buenaventura Swim Club 2019-2020
  • Meet Entry Process for Age Group Swimmers
  • Home Meet Job Sign Up Process
  • New Swimmer and Parent Swim Meet "Pointers"
  • Tutorial to Review Invoices, Fundraising and Service Hours



  1. Meet with coach for evaluation and group placement. Complete registration packet.
  2. Send an email to [email protected] to inform Administrator that your child(ren) has/have tried out.  Please include your name, address, email address, birthdate and group placement.  Once your registration paperwork is received, an account will be created and an email sent to you.  There is a one-time $50.00 family administrative fee for all new members.
  3. A registration form for Southern California Swimming is included in your packet.  A birth certificate is to be shown to the coach. The form plus an additional $68.00 USA Swimming Registration fee will be included in all fees made payable to Buenaventura Swim Club (BSC).  
  4. Make sure you have your picture taken at the front desk of the Ventura Aquatics Center.  Every swimmer is required to show your photo I.D. when entering.

All paperwork is required to be completed and turned in within the two-week trial period.  Failure to do so will result in your child(ren) being unable to swim.  Thank you.



The Coaching Staff sends a Team Communication email announcing meets to the swim groups able to participate. This email will have a link to the meet, or members can log in directly by visiting the team’s website and by clicking on the Events tab to choose the meet.

Log into Buenaventura Swim Club website at , to declare whether your swimmer will commit to participating in a meet. Please declare before the registration deadline.

Once you are logged in. Click on the tab “Events” and the Current and Upcoming Meets will appear.  The dates and name of the meet will show, as well as a “Edit Commitment” pink box.

Here are the steps if you ARE NOT GOING:

Click on the Member Names [they default to Not Committed]   

Then click on the Signup Record pull-down and select No   

If No, just click on the [Save Changes] button to save the changes   

If you have more than one child, repeat the same task as listed above

Here are the steps if you ARE GOING:

Click on the Signup Record pull-down and select Yes   

Once yes is selected, you will see the events your child MAY be eligible to swim.   

You will also see the best times inserted into the Entry Time field and highlighted in yellow.   

Check the Checkbox to the left of the name for those events you would like to swim.   

Please take careful notice of the time standards that must be met in the right-side columns.   

Once you have finished, click on the Submit Button in the lower right.   

Repeat the process for additional swimmers.   

You will notice that Coach Approval column will indicate Pending after you submit.  

Please pay careful attention to:

  • Maximum Event Entry Limitations, IF PRESENT. Click on the >>View if present.

  • Add any notes that you want the Coach or Administrator to see

Your coach or team administrator will review your declaration and APPROVE or REJECT your request and once they submit the final choices you will be able to review by signing in and clicking on the Attend This Event button for any events listed on our team website. Look at the Coach Approval column for the events that you have been confirmed to swim.



Go to the Events Tab

Find the Home Meet and click on “Job Sign Up.”

The list of tasks provides hours needed and a short job description.

Click on the small square next to the open positions.

Go to the bottom of the screen and click on “Sign Up.”

This will prompt a box to provide contact information such as the name of volunteer and a phone number. Then click again on “Sign Up.” When the list appears again, your name has been added to the requested job.

If you need to remove your name from the list, you can click on the job and then “Remove Signup.”

Please sign up for jobs as soon as the meet is posted.



The following pointers will help you be better prepared for your first competition and avoid unnecessary stress!

  • Be on time:  Arrive to the meet early.  Allow plenty of time for traffic or any unlikely events.  (Number One: reduce stress by being on time!)
  • Check in at the Clerk of Course:  Swimmers must “Check In” so the meet administrators know they have actually arrived and plan to participate.  If you do not check in, you will not be “seeded” for your event. A safe rule of thumb is to check in one (1) hour before the race is to be contested. Better yet, check in for all your events immediately upon arrival. (Number Two: reduce stress by “’checking in’ before anything else!)
  • Three check points with your Coach:

1. Notify your coach that you have arrived to the meet and he/she will give you important details such as where teammates are sitting, when and where to meet for the group warm up.

2. You will also check in with your coach before (pre-race breakdown) and after (post-race breakdown) your event. Coaches will usually have a designated “Coaches Tent.” Checking in with the coach before each race is your chance to tell him/her what heat and lane you will be swimming in. 

3. Be advised, depending on the swimmers age (older swimmers), they will be expected to warm down after their race, even before coming back to check in with the coach for post-race breakdown. We also try to teach the swimmers to visit the coaches as a group so that the coach can give race details to everybody at once. 

  • Warm up is important:  All swimmers must warm up under the watchful eye of a certified USA Swimming Coach.  We execute “group warm ups” for organizational purposes.  As a team, we warm up in the same lanes because it can be very crowded during warm up, especially if everybody is doing their own thing.  Warm up time can vary from meet to meet, but is usually at 7:30am.  Refer to the meet information sheet, published at, and to coach’s communications.
  • Set up:  Sit with teammates by setting up your chairs, blankets, etc., together as a team.  This helps our swimmers develop friendships and lends itself to a supportive environment. Wear team shirts and support the team.
  • Sign up to Time:  Every parent who has a swimmer participating at a particular swim meet needs to time at that swim meet.  No exceptions. The number of chairs that our team is assigned is based on the number of participants entered in the meet. It’s the best seat at the meet.
  • Watch the event board for constant updates:  First posted is the rank and estimated time of the event.  (The program has all the events in it) BUY a Program and circle and highlight your swimmers events.  Then, WATCH for the number of the event and the heat and lane assignment on both the scoreboard and the heat/lane/results assignment board.   
  • Event: An example of an “event” would be the 100 Yard Freestyle.  Every event has an event #, and once the event is “seeded” your swimmer will be assigned a heat and lane assignment.  You will find this at the heat/lane/results assignment board, shortly before the event is to be contested  
  • DQs:  Also known as a “disqualification”. All young swimmers will receive their fair share of DQs.  This is nothing to stress about. Simply let the official talk to your child so they can explain what the swimmer did wrong.  Our philosophy is that this is a learning experience and between the official and the coach, we will do our best to explain what they did wrong. It would be a good idea to set a swimmer’s expectation before a swim meet by explaining what a DQ is and that it is normal to receive one, if you are a newer swimmer.
  • Encourage your child no matter what:  If the coach and the officials have something to say, let them do it and stand back and listen. Let the coach be the coach, you be the parent/cheer leader.
  • Friendly Reminder: Please keep in mind that the coach representative has a lot that he/she must deal with.  A swim meet can, at times, be chaotic and stressful.  All coaches have the intention of helping the swimmers, but inevitably, they will miss races, or simply get tired from a long day in the elements.  Be sympathetic toward the coaches, they care about your swimmer, but they have lots of swimmers to care about. 

Most of all, have fun and cheer for your Swimmer as well as other Buena Swimmers! We want to foster a supportive and encouraging environment and treat everybody like family.  By attending swim meets you will learn to be more organized and disciplined, a good sport and a better swimmer.  Welcome to the team!



When we sign up into our account at we can manage our

fundraising and volunteer hours commitments. Here is a tutorial.

Tutorial for Invoices, Fundraising, Service Hours:

1) Sign in to your account on the Website with your password

2) Click on My Account in the left column

3) Click on $My Invoice Payments
4) Three gray folder tabs will appear under the words My Invoice Payments

Invoices / Fundraising / Service Hours

Click on the tab to see each item:
Invoices tab will have the Account Recurring Charges tab. Current Payment amount in red. Current Invoice Summary tab for the current monthly billing. The Projected Date of next payment in red. Billing History tab will have a complete list of payments and statements.

Fundraising tab will have a complete list of fundraisers.

For example: eScript/ Direct Donation/ Program Ads Sales/ Sees Candies/Marie Calenders Pies/ SwimaThon/ JAG Raffle/

Money that is deposited will be deducted from the yearly balance of $300.00 under each of the columns. At the end of the year the $Balance should be $0 zero balance in the last column.

Service Hours tab (Volunteer hours) will show four columns:
Invoice/ Obligation and Adjustments/ Worked/ Balance

Invoice column will be dated for the year. Next column will read Obligation for each swimmer by name with obligation of 30 hours per swimmer.

Volunteer hours that have been completed and submitted will have a date and appear in the Worked column. When the total of hours that have been submitted for the year equal a zero balance at the end of the year, it will read as 00:00 under Balance. No credit is given for more than 30 hours. Volunteer hours balance is due at $25.00 per hour at the end of the season.

Fundraising Commitment is $300 per family per swim season.

Volunteer Hours Commitment is 30 hours Service Hours per family per swim season. Bronze group member are responsible to volunteer 20 hours per season. 

Obligation for Dues will appear under Invoice Tab and will be subject to the age and level of each swimmer.

A complete history of charges and payments from the beginning of our membership is available under Invoices, Fundraising and Service Hours when we log into our account.