Our Mission

Pursue excellence through the sport of swimming while providing a safe, healthy, and positive environment for athletes.


Our Vision

We are committed to becoming a world-class organization.


Our Guiding Principles

Buenaventura Swim Club believes in developing the character of each athlete through positive reinforcement of earned self-esteem, goal setting, time management, personal accountability, and team spirit. By successfully fostering these attributes each individual swimmer gains enduring life skills.

We help youth discover that swimming is a sport they can enjoy for their entire lives.

We train to embrace the values embodied in the Olympic charter:

 ♦  pursuit of personal excellence,
 ♦  harmony between body and mind,
 ♦  joy found in effort,
 ♦  respect for others,
 ♦  fair play, and
 ♦  ethical conduct


Club History

The Buenaventura Swim Club (BSC) was founded in 1962 by Coach Mason Parish. The team trained in Ventura at the Buena High School pool, growing in size and stature over the years due to community support and the hard work of the club’s swimmers, parents, and coaches. BSC was a member of the now defunct Tri-County League before receiving its AAU (now US Swimming) charter. BSC was also a charter member of the Channel League, an organization of several local swim clubs that was formed to provide competition for the developing swimmer. 

Steve Baxter took over as head coach in 1981 and during his tenure changed the club to a non-profit organization.

Buenaventura Swim Club has sent athletes to the USA Olympic Team Trials in 1972, 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, and 2016.

The Ventura County Masters swim team (VCM) was formed in 1997 to train swimmers over the age of 19 and is chartered by the United States Masters Swimming organization and is part of the Southern Pacific Masters Association. Our masters swimmers currently range in age from 19 thru 75. VCM is comprised of competitive swimmers (including World Masters record holders), tri-athletes, and fitness swimmers.

BSC/VCM is unique among clubs with both USS and USMS teams in that they often train together for the benefit of all. Many of our VCM team members have children who swim with the BSC team and are also active in the organization and running of the team.