2022-2023 Online Registration

Open for Returning Members

9/1/22 - 6/6/23


Welcome to Buenaventura Swim Club Registration for the 2022-2023 swim year.  

Please note that there is a NEW THREE-PART REGISTRATION process (EACH part of the registration process will be completed on SEPARATE WEBSITES that are provided below) :


PART 1: Buenaventura Swim Club annual registration via Team Unify (https://www.teamunify.com/team/scsbsc/controller/cms/admin/index#/team-registration) (YOU ARE CURRENTLY HERE)

  • The Buenaventura Swim Club annual registration process is as follows:
    • (1) Complete/update account information
    • (2) Sign team policies (Please read these policies carefully before signing as you are agreeing to the terms of these policies.)
    • (3) Pay fees (Annual Admin Fee of $75 per family and Registration Fee of $50 per swimmer) (Note: The annual Registration Fee includes a 60th Anniversary t-shirt, silicone cap, and commemerative pin.)
    • (4) Success page  (Indicates that you have completed the Buenaventura Swim Club registration and directs you to the USA Swimming Registration link)


PART 2: USA Swimming annual registration through USA Swimming (https://omr.usaswimming.org/omr/welcome/A800E66D2D6342) 

  • ALL SWIMMERS (both new and returning) must register/renew their USA SWIMMING membership at the end of our team registration by using the following link (also provided in the "Success" page of Part 1 Team registration)
  • The USA Swimming annual registration process is as follows: **Please note that the USA Swimming registration is a new platform as of 09/01/22 and as experience technological glitches.  If you are unable to register, please try to register in the next couple of days.**
    • (1) Login to USA Swimming
    • (2) Complete account information
    • (3) Pay USA Swimming registration fee


PART 3: Conejo Swimworks link (https://www.conejoswimworks.com/buenaventura-swim-club-page/)

  • The Conejo Swimworks link will bring you to the Buenaventura Swim Club page that will inlcude:
    • (1) A link to select size for registration t-shirt. If you do not use the link to provide a t-shirt size, a t-shirt size of Adult Small (for 12 and unders) and Adult Large (for 13 and up) will be selected. (Registration items will be distributed on the pool deck.) 
    • (2) A link to order additional 60th Anniversary items and personalized caps (If you are ordering items using this link, please select "Thousand Oaks pick-up" - the items will be delivered to the Club and distributed on the pool deck.)


Important notes:

(1) Any outstanding dues or fees will also be charged during the last step of the registration process.

(2) NEW swimmers will also be asked to pay Sept dues. At the conclusion of the registration process and upon team admin approval, you will be granted access to your own private account for the team. With this approval, you'll get access to your own Team Unify account that will enable you easily declare for swim meets, sign-up for jobs, see your swimmer's swim times histories, maintain your own contact information, and more.

(3) Swimmers who do not complete the second-part of registration (USA Swimming registration) will not be able to compete in swim meets and may not be able to participate in Club practice as the registration is required for our Club insurance coverage.


We look forward to having you join the Buenaventura Swim Club and are excited for another great season!