The Cerritos Aquatic Club is committed to providing training and experience in competitive sprint and distance swimming, and ocean swimming for all children 5-18 in the greater City of Cerritos, CA area year round.
Every swimmer feels physically safe, personally supported and individually rewarded at all levels of experience.
From our program, swimmers learn to set and achieve personal goals, work together with other swimmers as a team, and appreciate the value of personal fitness for lifelong good health.

Our team is a non-profit corporation, 501 (c) (3), under the laws of the State of California, whose goal is to provide year-round aquatic activities for the youth of the greater Cerritos area. Our program is founded on the belief that age-group competitive swimming offers an exciting and worthwhile experience in a young person’s life. Swimming can be learned and enjoyed by those with little ability to those who are of Olympic caliber, and its values go far beyond learning safety, efficiency and speed in the water. Swimming is one of the best activities for lifelong fitness and recreation.
A volunteer Board of Directors elected from the parents of the swimmers guides the team. The Board hires a Head Coach who, under our Constitution, is in complete charge of all swimming activities, including the hiring of Assistant Coaches. The Board members are responsible for the business aspects of the club, including encouraging all parents to become involved in our fundraising and social activities. 
Our Club is financed by monthly dues, an annual membership fee and our swim meet fundraisers. After joining the Club, you will receive a monthly bill in the mail with the Club newsletter.    These fees are collected to pay for coaches’ salaries and pool rental. The annual membership fee are collected per child every October to cover each swimmer’s USS registration for the next calendar year, postage and printing costs. Supplemental income is derived from two or three swim meets hosted during the year and provides awards, team equipment, social events and enhancements to our Club.
Dues   Monthly dues are $110 per month First child, $90 for second child and $70 per month for third child

Annual Dues
  $87 per year for USA Swimming Registration + $50 Cerritos Aquatic Club Annual Membership per swimmer.
Competitive Swimming:
Swimmers are encouraged to compete in United States Swimming (USS) meets of differing ability. We also participate in the age-group water polo league in the fall. Older team members are also encouraged to enter ocean swim and body surfing contests. Team members have the opportunity of going to Huntington Beach together in the summer on Thursdays, "team beach days".
Competition-style workout suits may be purchased at various local sporting goods stores, from vendors at swim meets, or by mail order. Team equipment (team suits, sport bags, shirts, parkas, etc.) may be purchased from the Team Vice President.

On an individual basis, our goals are:

1. To aid each team member in reaching his/her potential.
2. To furnish a wholesome and worthwhile physical and recreational outlet.
3. To provide an opportunity to learn good sportsmanship and team cooperation.
4. To provide educational opportunities.
5. To provide opportunities for social and emotional development.
6. To provide opportunities to learn good health habits.
7. To provide training and competition to all swimmers who desire it.
Practice Schedule:

When:  Monday - Friday 5:00pm - 7:00pm (summer hours may vary)

Where: Cerritos Olympic Swim Center  13150 166th St. Cerritos (Cerritos Park East)