CCAQ Billing Policy

(effective January 2022)


New Registration:  Dues will be pro-rated 50% if joining after the 15th of the month.  Before the 15th, full monthly dues apply.  Dues are reduced to $60 per swimmer starting the the third swimmer.  (Discount applies to lowest level).

Monthly Dues:  Dues are due on the first of the month and late after the 15th of every month.  If dues are sixty (60) or more days delinquent, the swimmer will be asked not to practice until the dues are brought current.


On-Line Auto Pay (mandatory):  All payments are taken out on the 1st of the month.  Please be aware when you sign up for automatic withdrawals on-line between the 1st and 20th of any month, it will not be effective till the following month.


Late Fee:  CCAQ reserves the right to charge a $20 late fee on any past due accounts. An account is considered past due when a previously invoiced balance is outstanding after the 15th of the month.


Non-sufficient Funds Fee:  Member will be liable for the bank charge fee for any check returned for non-sufficient funds. 


Meet Fee’s:  Meet entry fees will be charged to each members account once the final meet entry is available.  Meet fee’s that are delinquent may cause a swimmer to have their meet eligibility suspended until their account is current.


A Leave of Absence:  A Leave of Absence (remain on roster and not charged monthly dues) can only be taken for the following reasons:


  1.  Due to illness (Dr.’s note required)
  2.  High School Swim:  February 1 – May 31 
  3.  High School Water Polo
    1. Boys:  August 1 – November 30
    2. Girls:  November 1 – February 29/30


**If a swimmer is absent from the team for more than one month, their spot cannot be guaranteed without paying the monthly dues.  If after one month of absence and no communication, a swimmer will be dropped from the team and must re-register and pay the $60 Family Registration fee as well as any outstanding balances owed in order to rejoin the team.  If there are no available positions, the swimmer will be placed on a waiting list in the order received. 


Leaving Team: In the event a swimmer decides to leave the team the team MUST be notified in writing (email the Head Coach, Treasurer and Secretary) or monthly dues will continue to be charged.  A swimmers spot CANNOT be held without paying monthly dues.  The swimmer will be dropped from the roster. If the swimmer decides to return YOU WILL BE CHARGED THE $60 REGISTRATION FEE.


High School Season:  Swim Season (Feb-Apr 30).  There are 2 options:

  1. Continue swimming with CCAQ for a monthly fee of $60 and a maximum of 3 practice days per week
  2. Take a Leave of Absence (still responsible for service hours including working home meets)
  3.  Continue as is paying monthly dues

If a swimmer chooses to take a Leave of Absence you are required to notify the Head Coach, Treasurer and Secretary.  CCAQ will hold their spot on the team and their dues suspended until High School season is over.  The swimmer must notify the team prior to June 1 of their intention to return to the team.  If there is no communication swimmer will be removed from the roster.  After this time if the swimmer decides to rejoin the team they must pay the $60 registration fee.