Circle City Aquatics – By Laws

Updated February 2019


Section 1.  Name.


This organization shall be known as the Circle City Aquatics (hereinafter referred to as “CCAQ”).


Section 2.  Mission and Vision


1. Mission

CCAQ is a family oriented competitive aquatics team focused on helping individuals, of all ages and abilities, reach their potential while achieving their goals and aspirations in a motivating environment.


2. Vision

To be the paramount swim and water plo club in the Inland Empire while maintaining high standards of competition, sportsmanship, dedication, fitness and camaraderie.


Section 3.  Type of Organization.


1. CCAQ is a Coach(es)-Lead/Parent-Managed organization and is not organized for the private gain of any person, member, employee, consultant, subcontractor or independent contractor.


2. CCAQ is organized exclusively for the purposes of fostering national or international amateur sports competition, thereby qualifying it as a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or the corresponding section of any future tax code.


Section 4. Purpose of By-Laws.


These By-Laws shall provide a working document, which can be amended or otherwise modified by a simple majority vote of the eligible voting membership present at a President announced or scheduled General Membership Meeting.  The By-Laws herein shall detail and document CCAQ’s organization, operations and procedures.







Section 1.  Types/Classes of Membership.


1. Voting Membership.  Only parents and/or guardians of all non-adult swimmers/polo players and all adult swimmers, shall be voting members during any General Membership or Special Meeting, as long as the following conditions have been met: (a) 18-years or older, (b) have been a registered member of CCAQ for at least 180-days, and (c) are members in good standing (i.e. dues and fees have been paid and are current).  For the purposes of voting on any non-election or election matter, each family will be allowed only one vote.  All swimmers/polo players below 18-years of age or any CCAQ pay-rolled employees have no voting rights at General Membership Meetings.


2.  Membership Termination & Suspensions.


a. Termination of the membership of voting members, except for sufficient cause as set forth below, shall not be a consideration of these by-laws since membership is subject only to parents and/or guardians of all non-adult swimmers/polo players and all adult swimmers.  The right to terminate team membership for sufficient cause is reserved to the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis, as a matter of established team discipline.


b. The Head Coach(es) have the right to suspend any team member (both voting and non-voting) for unsafe or unsportsmanlike conduct for the day that the incident occurs and the following day (two-days total). For non-voting members, below 18-years of age, the Head Coach(es) will verbally notify the parents/guardians of the swimmer’s conduct and the President of the Board of Directors on the first incident.  For voting members and adult swimmers, 18-years or older, the Head Coach(es) have the right to ask member(s) and/or swimmer(s)/polo player(s) to leave the pool facilities.  The same procedure will be used for a second incident.  Should there be a third occurrence, the Head Coach(es) will formally submit, in writing, to the Board of Directors a recommendation to terminate team membership.  The President shall call a special/ad hoc Board of Directors Meeting only for the purposes of reviewing said recommendation and to vote for the approval or disapproval of the recommended action.  Any termination for sufficient cause must receive a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


Section 2. Non-Election & Election Voting.


To ensure only voting members are counted during an election, the following steps shall be implemented:


  1. The Secretary shall check in all attendees at the General Membership or special meeting.


  1. Upon determination of the member’s voting status, the Secretary will issue a secret ballot for each family.  This ballot card/paper will be used to vote for (a) each person being nominated for a particular position, or any issue or resolution being brought to the membership for consideration.  Even if there is only one person running or nominated for a position, that person’s name should appear on the ballot and a “yes” or “yeah” and “no” or “nay” by their name, similar to the following:




                     President                     John/Jane Doe                         Yes _____  /  No _____

                     Treasurer                     Juan Valdez                            Yes _____  /  No _____

                     Treasurer                     Elvis Presley                           Yes _____  /  No _____

                     Resolution to Expend $5,000 for Lane Lines             Yes _____  /  No _____


  1. The Secretary shall collect the secret ballots at the end of the election process for tabulation.  Two (2) disinterested board members (not on current ballot) and one (1) member from the GM must be present to count votes and certify the accuracy of those votes.
  2.  In the event of an election run-off, or an issue that needs General Membership approval, an electronic vote (on survey monkey, etc) can be conducted by the Vice President (if not in run-off). If VP running in election, can be conducted by any disinterested BOD member. Election/survey results must be generated to at least (2) board members emails (not in run-off) for count.







Section 1.  Types of Meetings.


All the Board of Directors, General Membership and any Special Meetings shall be conducted to plan and execute CCAQ Team business.


Section 2.  Place and Schedule.


At least two (2) General Membership Meetings shall be held in the Corona/Norco/Eastvale general area and shall be scheduled and announced (usually in April & October), two weeks in advance via various CCAQ publications, e-mail, website, etc.  The April and October General Membership Meetings are primarily for election of officers for the Board of Directors (See Article VI, Section 2); as well as team business and membership updates.  The Board of Directors meetings shall be scheduled and announced to all Board members, one week in advance or at the preceding Board of Directors meeting.





Section 3.  Quorum.


1. After due notice to the Board members as to the date, time and place of a Board of Directors Meeting, a quorum shall be 50% + one (1) elected members of the Board present at the meeting.  If a quorum is not achieved, no CCAQ Team business will be conducted, and a new date/time/location will be announced.


2. After due notice to the voting members as to the date, time and place of a General Membership or Special Meeting, a quorum shall consist of the eligible voting members, as defined in Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 1 of these By-Laws, who shall actually be present.  Authority for taking action shall be by majority vote of said membership during a General Membership or Special Meeting formally in session.  All members shall have equal voting rights and each family shall be entitled to one vote, which must be cast in person (no proxy voting allowed).


Section 4.  Operations.


1. The Board of Directors, once elected by the voting membership present during an election, represent CCAQ and the membership therein, and when in session, shall perform as a planning group, which shall develop and/or format Team programs, policies and procedures, and as appropriate, make recommendations to the members during any General Membership or Special Meetings.  Each member of the Board of Directors (defined in Article IV of these By-Laws) shall have equal voting rights and shall be entitled to one vote in formal Board of Directors decisions. The Head Coach(es) will hold one position on the Board of Directors and is given a vote unless the matter pertains directly to his/her job status, performance or salary.  The Board President shall preside but shall not vote unless his/her decision is required to resolve ties.  Every Board of Directors Meeting shall be sanctioned by the President and shall be presided over by either the President or Vice President.  A quorum shall be in accordance with Article III, Section 3, Paragraph 1 above.  Guests or members may attend a Board of Directors Meeting either by (a) being invited by any member of the board, or the guest/member requests attendance to the President, to address a particular topic, issue or matter.  Depending on the topic, issue or matter to be discussed, the guest/member should be introduced either during the old or new business part of the meeting agenda. Any guests should not be present for any confidential discussions regarding issues with other members, board members, Coach(es) or any other confidential matters.


2. The General Voting Membership, when in session during any General Membership or Special Meetings, shall at a minimum, approve or disapprove (a) Board of Directors recommendations, (b) the minutes of the previous General Membership Meeting, and (c) the Treasurer’s report from the previous General Membership Meeting.  Old and new business shall be discussed and acted on by majority vote or scheduled for subsequent study and/or majority vote or scheduled for subsequent study and/or decision.  The Board shall reserve the right to table and schedule for study any issue or new amendment introduced in the form of a motion by any voting member at any General Membership or Special Meeting. The President shall preside but shall not vote unless his/her decision is required to decide ties.









Section 1. Officers.


The officers who make up the Board of Directors of CCAQ shall be elected at a General Membership Meeting to be held as indicated under Article VI, Section 2 below.  The term of office shall be 18 months (+/- to the closest General Membership Meeting scheduled for the specific purpose of General Elections) with a limit of three (3) years (2 terms) on any one board position.  At the conclusion of two consecutive terms, a board member may rerun in the current position year to year only if no other member is seeking the position.  If/when a member is nominated for a position held past three consecutive years, the board member holding the position is not allowed to rerun for the position past the current term.  The Board of Directors shall be comprised of up to ten (10) elected board positions.  Currently, the elective officers are: (a) President, (b) Vice President (c) Secretary (d) Meet Manager, (e) Ways & Means Coordinator (f) Commitment Hours Coordinator (g) Communication Manager (h) Pro Shop Manager and (i) Treasurer.  The Treasurer must be pre-approved by the BOD prior to being elected.  The Head Coach(es) will sit on the BOD as well. He/She may not be a voting member when he/she is on probationary status with USA Swimming, the Eastern Section LSC/USS Board or Southern California Swimming (SCS), or CCAQ.




Section 2.  Officer Positions.


  1. President. The President shall act as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and along the with Head Coach(es) shall have general supervision, direction, and control of the affairs of CCAQ.  He/She, along with the Head Coach(es), shall establish dates/times and locations for meetings, appoint committees (as required), and coordinate/ negotiate CCAQ related activities with the Corona and Eastvale Parks and Recreation Department, Corona-Norco Unified School District, City of Corona, Eastvale and other agencies.


2. Vice President.  The Vice President shall assist the President and serve as second in command of the BOD.  In the absence or indisposition of the President, the Vice President shall assume and perform the duties of the President and act in the President’s capacity.  The Vice President shall focus his/her efforts primarily in the area of public relations of CCAQ (marketing, advertising, welcoming committee, news articles, new family orientation & annual awards banquet, etc.).  The Vice President shall, (a) head the nominating committee (if deemed appropriate), and/or make recommendations to the President to temporarily fill any mid-term Board of Directors vacancies, prior to the normal election cycle, as well as chairperson to fill any special/ad hoc committee positions (i.e phone committee), (b) act as the CCAQ liaison with the Corona Chamber of Commerce, and (c) shall work with the Ways & Means Coordinator in creating “external” opportunities to raise or generate funds. 


   3. Secretary.  The Secretary shall dictate and issue minutes at any BOD or GM Meetings.  They shall ensure that the pro shops have all registration forms, USA swim or SCS paperwork need for registrations. They will handle any scholarship requests by providing candidates with the application and presenting to the BOD for approvals – ensuring that paperwork is sent to the Team Business Manager for filing.  Prior to every GM Meeting, the Secretary will create ballots for elections and determine voter eligibility as defined in these bylaws as well as prepare agenda and voting sign in sheet.  Assist BOD President with preparing/distributing and BOD agendas and assist President with any miscellaneous tasks as needed.  Courier all necessary paperwork from each pool location to the Team Business Manager as needed.  The Secretary will also ensure that all CCAQ bylaws, policies, etc are kept up to date and work with the Communication Manger to ensure that info is on website and/or communicated to the GM.


  1. Treasurer.  The Treasurer will present monthly financial statements to the BOD in meetings and present a financial statements at all GM Meetings.  These reports to include income & disbursements (general or by line item as requested).  Interact with the Team Business Manager in developing an Annual Budget and present to the BOD as well as presenting an detailed Year-End Report.  Interact with the Team Business Manager to collect any past due balances and ensure adherence to monthly budgets.  The Treasurer shall prepare financial statements monthly as requested by BOD (analyze by detail, by pool, etc).  The Treasurer will also ensure that CCAQ books are audited by a disinterested party (non BOD) 2x annually.


   5. Ways & Means Coordinator/Corporate Sponsorship. The Ways and Means Director shall (a) be responsible for the planning, coordinating, and seeking/assigning volunteers, and/or members to participate in any and all “internal” CCAQ fund-raising activities/events, and (b) presenting to the Board of Directors for approval of said fund-raising activities/events, and (c) implementing and monitoring said activities/events.  Funds raised as a result of the Ways & Means Director “sponsored” fund-raising activities/events should go into a separate account earmarked for Fundraising, with its uses voted on by the BOD.. In addition, this position will be in charge of generating any corporate sponsorships.


   6. Meet Manager.  The Meet Manager shall be the coordinator for all the meets hosted by CCAQ, In addition, the Meet Manager will coordinate or delegate to his/her committee any away meet information/job assignments in which CCAQ attends. They shall represent CCAQ (should the President or Vice President not be available to attend) at any Eastern Section LSC/USS Board Meetings.  The Meet Director shall conduct an annual inventory of, prior to the end of the CCAQ fiscal year (or 31 March), any CCAQ owned “meet” equipment, and present the same inventory, as well as any recommendations for new or replacement “meet” equipment purchases/expenditures to the Board, at the first Board of Director’s Meeting following the inventory.  Meet income and expenditures shall be reported and accounted for separately from the general funds.


   7. Pro Shop Manager.  The Pro Shop Manager is responsible for the staffing and stocking of the pro shop(s), currently at Centennial High School, Roosevelt High school.  This includes the sale and accounting for swim caps, fins, goggles, etc., CCAQ team apparel (parkas, suits, swim caps) and sundry items (water, Gatorade, candy, etc).  The Pro Shop Manager should conduct periodic spot checks to verify that inventory control and financial accountability procedures are being met.  An annual inventory of all pro shops and equipment that falls under this position shall be completed prior to the end of the CCAQ fiscal year on March 31st.  The results shall be presented at the first BOD meeting following the inventory.  The sales of equipment, apparel and sundry items shall be reported and accounted for separately from the general funds. All necessary purchases for the Pro Shop will be submitted via a CCAQ Purchase Order (Internal Document) to the Equipment Manager for purchase where practical.  After the purchase has been completed and the items delivered, a copy of the PO and appropriate Invoices shall be delivered without delay to the Treasurer.  Any other smaller incidental purchases shall be documented appropriately, and the associated documents submitted in a timely manner to the Treasurer.  An appropriate system for the collection of payments (cash, checks etc) shall be created and maintained along with pickups for deposit and reporting to the Treasurer as appropriate.  The Pro Shop Manager shall work with the Commitment Hours Coordinator to assist with a system for collection of any weekly “on-deck” volunteer hours authorized to be conducted at any pool with a Pro Shop location and additional related assistance as necessary.


   8. Commitment Hours Coordinator.  The Commitment Hours Coordinator shall be in charge of logging/tracking all CCAQ family commitment hours.  This person shall keep updated logs at each pool location so families can log their commitment hours and shall input hours timely to each account. In addition, the coordinator shall make every effort to provide ample commitment hour opportunities and keep the General Membership informed as opportunities become available.


   9.  Communication Manager.  The Communication Manager shall maintain the CCAQ website to ensure all info is up-to-date.  This includes Coach(es)’s bios/photos, BOD list, practice/tryout times by pool location, team activities/photos, front page crawl, updates, news articles, Coach(es)es weekly updates and swimmer/team meet records.  They will assist the Coach(es)es obtaining data for meet recaps when requested.  The Communication Manager will maintain the CCAQ Facebook & Instagram or any other social media accounts so that info is timely.  They will interact with all other BOD officers and Head Coach(es)’s in creating flyers, job opening posts, banners or any type of print communication/advertising.






Section 3.  Dismissal of an Officer.


   1. Any officer, elected or appointed, may be removed, with or without just cause, upon vote of two-thirds of the voting members present at a regularly schedule or a special announced Board of Directors Meeting.  Any officer, elected or appointed, must remain in good standing with CCAQ per Treasurer and have at least 1 swimmer on current roster in order to remain on BOD.



Section 4.  Vacancies in Offices.


   1. If a vacancy occurs on the Board of Directors, the board will vote to appoint a replacement for that board position.  That replacement will remain on the Board of Directors in that position until that position comes up for re-election.


   2. If a vacancy occurs in the Coach(es)ing or administrative staff, a qualified Coach(es)/candidate shall be recruited and interviewed by the Head Coach(es).  The Head Coach(es) will forward his/her recommendations to the Board of Directors for hire.  If the vacancy is the Head Coach(es) Position, the Board of Directors will work together to recruit/interview and hire a new Head Coach(es).  Where applicable, the BOD will solicit the opinions of the General Membership before hiring a new Head Coach(es).  The Board of Directors will also consider the current budget and the qualifications of all Coach(es)ing positions to be filled.  Any vacant Coach(es)ing position shall be open to all qualified applicants.







Section 1.  Fiscal Year.


   The fiscal year for Circle City Aquatics is from 01 April – 31 March.


Section 2.  Budget.


1.  The CCAQ budget consists of (a) Income (dues/fees, fund-raising, corporate sponsors, meets, etc.), and (b) Expenditures (water, payroll, other operating expenses, etc.).  Each category and/or item in the budget should be assigned a budget line item number for ease of reference during budget discussions.


2. Ninety (90) days prior to the end of the fiscal year, the President shall call a Special Budget Meeting, whereby the Head Coach(es) and each Board member shall present his/her budget requirements in terms of equipment and Coach(es)ing staff to support not only the current membership, but projected growth in the organization for the upcoming fiscal year.  Once the Board approves this budget, the Board will at the same meeting determine if any changes/adjustments need to be made to current dues and fees structure in order to meet budget.  If changes/adjustment are required, the President will either schedule another special/ad hoc meeting to determine what the new dues/fees structure will be, or continue said discussion at the same budget meeting.  Once a new dues/fees structure has been agreed upon by the Board of Directors, both the budget and the dues/fees structure will be presented at the next General Membership Meeting, for approval, disapproval, and or discussions/ recommendations.       


3. If the general membership disapproves or proposes differing recommendations to either one or both the budget or dues/fees structure, the President will call another special/ad hoc meeting to readdress one or both documents.  Once finalized, the President shall then call another special General Membership Meeting, to present a new/revised budget and/or dues/fees plan for approval.


4. Once both the budget and dues/fee plan have been approved, new registration packets will be drafted, reviewed and approved for printing by either the Board of Directors or a special committee appointed by the President.



Section 3. Income.


Income shall be generated from (1) dues and fees collected from the General Membership to support the training of the General Membership, (2) various fund-raising events, (3) corporate sponsorship, (4) pro-shop sales, (5) any CCAQ sponsored/hosted meets, and (6) any revenues generated from the Learn to Swim Program.  Monthly dues/fees shall be established per Article V, Section 2 above.  Additional modifications/adjustments may be implemented, if extenuating circumstances warrant, again subject to the approval of the General Membership.  All income shall be categorized by type of income and noted in the CCAQ financial records and shall be so reported in any Board, General Membership and/or Special/Ad Hoc Meeting, as appropriate.  Lump sum entries for multiple categories shall be avoided.


Section 4.  Disbursements.


Single disbursements or new annual commitments in excess of $10,000 dollars shall be voted on at a General Membership or Special Meeting, depending on the urgency.  Single disbursements in excess of $5,000, but less than $10,000, shall require a majority vote of the Board of Directors.  All disbursements shall be categorized by type of expense and/or account,and noted in the CCAQ financial records and shall be so reported in any Board of Directors, General Membership and/or Special/Ad Hoc Meeting, as appropriate.  All disbursements on behalf of CCAQ shall be either (a) by check and signed by at least (2) Board approved check signers OR (b) by CCAQ debit card issued only to the Head Coach(es) & Pro Shop Manager.


Section 5. Donations. 


All donations, whether monetary, intellectual (i.e. team name, website or other software products), or tangible assets, shall remain property of the Circle City Aquatics, and not with any person, member, employee, consultant, subcontractor, or independent contractor.





Nominations and Elections


Section 1.  Nominations.


  1. Nominees for officers shall be from the voting membership only.  No non-member nominees shall be entertained.  Only voting members in good standing during the most recent 12 consecutive months, including fulfillment all service hour requirements the previous 12 months including working home meets and timing at away meets, and with at least one swimmer on active roster may be nominated for any Board of Director positions; however, based on the circumstances, the President can waive this requirement, based on the recommendation by the Vice President (or his/her nominating committee, as appropriate) or in the case of a mid-term election vacancy appointment.  It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to determine a member “in good standing”.  Requirements for “in good standing” are set forth in Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 1 above.


  1. Nominations for any Board of Directors officer positions, either through an unexpected vacancy or a regularly scheduled general election, should be made to the Vice President and/or his/her nominating committee.


3. Sixty (60) days prior to a General Business “Election”, the VP sends to the General Membership a list of any board positions up for election along with a job description for each.  Any interested parties need to submit their name to go on the ballot prior to thirty (30) days before the election.  A list qualified candidates on ballot as well as any issues to be on ballot will be emailed out to the General Membership no later than 3 weeks prior to the General Business “Election” by the VP.


If a qualified candidate (per Article VI, Section 1, Paragraph 1) is interested in filling a vacancy or an upcoming elected position, he/she should make known their intentions to the Vice President (or a member of his/her nominating committee, if appropriate) at least thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled General Membership “Election” Meeting.  Two weeks prior to a General Election, the candidate may set up a table on the pool deck to distribute flyers or information to interested parties that approach table.  The BOD will schedule a specific date that candidates can do so and will inform them in advance.  Any other campaigning actions require approval of the BOD in advance.


Section 2.  Elections.


  1. For the purpose of achieving continuity when new board members take office, approximately one third of the BOD positions will come up for election at one time.  With an 18-month term, any given BOD position shall “rotate” through the General Elections on a 3 Election Cycle.  The term of office for these offices will begin on the date of the election, and continue until the occasion of the next scheduled election for that office, approximately 18 months in the future.  *Any candidates for Treasurer must be pre-approved by the BOD prior to printing ballots and/or Election.











Source of Power


Section 1.  Board of Directors.


All organizational business, financial, and operational affairs of the Circle City Aquatics Team shall be managed, and all corporate powers shall be exercised, by and under the direction of the Board of Directors & Head Coach(es) with the support of the General Membership.


Section 2.  Coach(es)es.


The Head Coach(es) will be in charge of the day-to-day management of the swim team, Learn to Swim program, Masters program & polo team. All assistant Coach(es)es, polo Coach(es)es and administrative personnel will report directly into the Head Coach(es). The methods of Coach(es)ing, training plans, practice schedules, group assignments/move-ups and supervision of swimmers & polo players will be the responsibility of the Head Coach(es) and his/her staff.  The Head Coach(es) shall be responsible for determining which off-site, Eastern Section sanctioned meets the team participates in and publish, a six (6) month Meet Schedule, updated on a quarterly basis and issued 30-days prior to the start of each quarter.  The Head Coach(es) shall endeavor to increase the number of splashes at all off-site, Eastern Section sanctioned meets, and seek to participate in a minimum of six (6) R-W-B meets per year.  The Head Coach(es) will also determine/oversee which water polo tournaments we participate in.







Section 1.  Execution and Documents.


1. The Board of Directors may authorize any officer or officers, agent or agents, to enter into contract or execute instruments in the name of and/or on behalf of Circle City Aquatics.  Such authority may be general or confined to specific circumstances.  Unless authorized by the Board of Directors, no officer, agent, member, or other person shall have power or authority to bind Circle City Aquatics by any contract, agreement, or engagement, or to pledge its credit or to render it liable for any purpose or to any amount.  Having said that, once approval is given, any products, merchandise, equipment ordered on behalf of CCAQ may be shipped to the person placing the order with the vendor/company; however, that vendor/company must send the invoice for said products, merchandise, and/or equipment, etc. to the following address:


         Circle City Aquatics (CCAQ)

         ATTN: Treasurer

         P.O. Box 77183

         Corona, California 92877-0106



Section 2.  Amendments.


Amendments to these by-laws may be proposed to the Board of Directors by any member in good standing. If approved by the Board of Directors by a simple majority vote, the proposed amendments shall be adopted upon the affirmation vote of a simple majority of the membership present at the next duly announced and convened General Membership Meeting or Special/Ad Hoc Meeting. Any amendments to the by-laws, once approved by the membership will become effective immediately and remain in effect for a minimum of one (1) year.  Copies of the by-laws and current amendments shall be maintained by the Secretary and shall be made available for study or reproduction by voting members who so desire.


Section 3. Coach(es)ing Staff.


  1. The Coach(es)ing Staff shall consist of one Head Coach(es) or Co-Head Coach(es)es and the appropriate number of Assistant Coach(es)es, as necessary to adequately instruct the number of swimmers.  All members of the Coach(es)ing Staff and any administrative personnel shall be recruited, interviewed & recommended to the BOD by the Head Coach(es), for approval & hire by the Board of Directors.  Any candidates shall be a certified USA Swim Coach(es)es or certified by the respective governing board.


2. The Coach(es)ing staff shall be certified in CPR, First Aid, and Lifeguard.  All certificates must be current and updated as necessary.  A photocopy of all certifications must be on file with the Board of Directors.  The Coach(es)ing staff shall abide by all league regulations.


3 .  The Head Coach(es) will be evaluated by the Board of Directors annually and he/she will conduct performance reviews with his/her employees on an annual basis as well and submit any salary increase/recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval.


  1. The Head Coach(es) are hereby authorized to solicit, receive resumes, interview potential candidates, and make his/her recommendation to be voted upon by the Board of Directors.  A special ad-hoc meeting shall be convened to discuss and vote upon any Head Coach(es) recommendations, due the urgency of the situation.


  1.  Dismissal of a Head Coach(es), Assistant Coach(es) or any administrative personnel:  For dismissal of a Head Coach(es), it will require a “super majority” 2/3 + (1) vote by the Board of Directors. Assistant Coach(es)es and administrative personnel employment is “at will” and they can be dismissed by the Head Coach(es) for just cause or their positions can be eliminated due to budgets/swimmer demand, etc. as voted on by the Board of Directors.


Section 4.  Construction and Definition.


Nothing in the context of these By-Laws shall be construed to countermand rules of construction and definitions contained in the California Non-Profit Corporation Law.


Section 5.  Rules of Order.


All Board of Directors, General Membership and/or Special/Ad Hoc Meetings shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order, revised.  Expeditious, orderly, and considerate pursuit of CCAQ business shall be the object of each meeting.  The goal shall always be to promote the CCAQ Mission and Objectives, set forth in Article I, Section 2 of these By-Laws.



































Signatory Page



President: _________________________________________________________


Head Coach(es): _______________________________________________________


Head Coach(es): _______________________________________________________


Vice President: _____________________________________________________


Secretary: _________________________________________________________


Treasurer: _________________________________________________________


Ways Means/Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator___________________________


Meet Manager: ______________________________________________________


Equipment Manager: _________________________________________________


Commitment Hours Coordinator:  _______________________________________


Financial Secretary: _______________________________



Date: _______________________________