The success for both your child and the CCAQ Swim Team is only possible with the dedicated efforts of all CCAQ parents. Your child is swimming with one of the most recognized and respected programs for young swimmers in the Eastern Committee. Without a doubt, a large part of that success is due to the CCAQ parent volunteers. Parental support and involvement is considered a vital element to the success of our team. The requirements of all CCAQ parents include the following:

  1. Families with children on the CCAQ Swim Team are required to commit to at least one session per day, per meet hosted by the team and during away meets (if your are attending that meet).
  2. The participation at CCAQ home meets is required even if your swimmer is not competing in the meet. A volunteer other than the parent (16 or older) may satisfy commitment obligations, as long as the substitute can competently perform the volunteer task. 
  3. CCAQ families will be subject to a Non-Compliance Fee (NCF) of $60.00 per hour for un-worked meet sessions at our home meets and $25.00 per occurrence for un-worked meet sessions at our away meets.
  4. The commitment hours coordinator will make every effort to credit families for their sessions worked, however, it is the responsibility of each family to be sure the correct number of sessions has been recorded. No credits will be given 30 days after the meet conclusion.
  5. Billing of NCF hours will occur immediately following each CCAQ hosted meet and away meets. Non-payment will result in disciplinary action up to removal from the team.
  6. Timing is required each day that your swimmer is at an away meet. It is important that all parents participate and share the responsibility of timing at away meets.  This is a standard enforced by USA Swimming and a requirement of all teams attending meets.
  7. Timing is an obligation of parents at swim meets. If you cannot help time (for whatever reason), you will be asked to sign a form stating that you are unable to assist in the timing obligation. At the following meet, you will be responsible for timing two shifts (please make necessary arrangements). If you do not fulfill that responsibility, your swimmer will not be entered in swim meets until that timing obligation has been met.



  1. Non-payment of NCF will result is the swimmer's inability to continue in the program.

CCAQ is responsible for timing at ALL meets we attend.   Please remember that all parents are required to time a one hour shift per session when your child swims. Timing chairs are calculated on swimmers and not families. Timing slots are on a first come, first serve basis. Please be courteous to the other parents by relieving them from their obligation on time. Direct denial of a coach’s appointment could cause consequences for the entire team and operation of the meet. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Example: If you have two swimmers and one races in the morning session and one races in the afternoon session, you are responsible to time one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.
Remember these tips:
~ Sign up for your shift as you arrive to the meet if you have not signed up prior to the meet on-line.
~ Pay attention to time so you are not late for your shift.
~ Know how to operate your stopwatch prior to the event. ~ Practice "start-stop-clear" several times before the event begins.
~ Pay attention at all times. It is easy to chat with your fellow timers and forget your stopwatch.




It is important that we all work together to maintain the quality program we have at CCAQ. These policies make it so that we all can EVENLY share the volunteer effort required to provide a well-run program for our children. CCAQ needs parents and volunteers to run successful swim meets. Many of our families volunteer countless hours every month. It is necessary that all families contribute their fair share, at least, during our home meets. It is easy to donate your time and it is important to show our children the value of volunteerism. Please support your swimmer and their swim team!

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