CCAQ Service Hours Policy (effective July 2022)
General: Every family is required to commit to a minimum of 25 hours each Effective Year, July 1st- June 30th. If a member joins on/after August 1st, the commitment requirement will be pro-rated to (2) hours each month.  Commitment hour obligations are waived for any new families (excludes returning CCAQ families) for the first 60-days from their official start date with CCAQ. (Therefore, a family that starts on September 1 would not be given commitment hour responsibilities until November 1 and would be responsible for a total of 16 hours between November 1 - June 30).  Please note that any new families that attend an Away Meet during their first 60-days will still be required to time per our Away Meet Timing Policy below.
Background and Purpose: To ensure that CCAQ remains a premier, member- involved swim organization.  The primary focus being on Home Meets, Away Meets, Fundraising & Family Events.

All CCAQ-Hosted Swim Meets: Every CCAQ family is required to work one "session" per day of the meet, which usually lasts approximately (4) hours/session.  This will require (8) total hours of service for a typical Home Meet.  Anyone who has conflicts in working our Home Meet needs to see the Meet Manager at least (4) weeks in advance of the upcoming meet.  There are sometimes other options available such as prep work before the meet - but we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate all families that have conflicts.  If you don't have a swimmer in the meet or have a high school swimmer on hiatus, it is STILL REQUIRED that you work the meet.  In addition, if you have already met your required (25) Service Hours for the year, you are STILL REQUIRED to work the sessions per the above. 
Timing at Away Meets:  It is a requirement that all families time a minimum of one slot for each session their swimmer is at the meet. (ie: if you have a swimmer in the morning and afternoon session, you are required to fill a session in both).  These sessions are typically 30 min to 1 hour or so; depending on the number of timing chairs we are assigned for the meet.  Please note - if you are still within your first 60- days at CCAQ and you have a swimmer attending a meet during that period, you are STILL REQUIRED to time your session(s) per the above.


Recording Procedure and Obligation:

CCAQ-Hosted Swim Meets: It is the members responsibility to sign in at the "Parent Check-In Table" at the beginning of each session. Your time will be recorded and credit issued for your work.  Members are responsible for working (1) session per day of each home meet.  Any family that fails to meet the above requirements will be billed out at a rate of $60.00 per hour for any unworked meet sessions on the next fiscal month following the home meet.

Timing at Away Meets:  It is the members responsibility to initial their name next to their timing slot(s) on the timing clipboard indicating they are present for their timing shift.  The timing clipboard will be under the CCAQ tarps at all away meets.  If you are unable to work your scheduled timing shift - it is the members responsibility to find a replacement or contact the Meet Manager prior to the start of the meet.


Although the above are mandatory requirements - it may not be enough hours to fulfill your annual obligation of 25 hours.  Here are some other opportunities that will enable you to earn your Service Hours.

1.  Attending our 2x Annual General Membership Meetings.  You will receive (1) Service Hour for each meeting.  It is imperative that you sign-in at the meeting to receive your hour.

2.  Taking CCAQ Tarps/EZ ups or working Timer Accountability at Away Meets.  Taking or bringing home tarps will typically earn you (2) service hours and working the timer accountability shift will typically earn you (4) service hours.

3.  Donating items for the snack bar at our Home Meets or donating items for our raffle baskets for Home Meets.  You will earn (1) service hour for every $20 donated.  Emails will be sent out in advance asking for specific donations.

4.  Assist your time helping with or bringing donations for CCAQ family events (ie: Banquet, Beach Day, Hot Chocolate Holiday Party, etc).  An email will be sent out in advance of any family events in which we are needing volunteers and/or donations.

5.  Participating in or donating to CCAQ Fundraising Events (ie: Restaurant nights, Swim A Rama, etc).  An email will be sent out in advance of any CCAQ fundraisers in which we are needing volunteers and/or donations.

6.  Team Parent job.  This is an annual requirement and these positions are typically filled just prior to the new Effective Year.  If you are interested or have questions - please contact Kelly Potter at [email protected]

7.  Working extra shifts at Home or Away Meets.  Once all families have been given the opportunity to sign up, the Meet Manager will open up any unassigned shifts to the General Membership for those wishing to earn extra hours.

8.  Miscellaneous jobs/tasks.  Should any other needs arise where we need help from the General Membership - an email will be sent out with specifics on volunteers/donations.

Communication and Verification of Records: It is the responsibility of each member to check and verify number of Service Hours recorded to date upon receipt of each monthly invoice and immediately advise us if a discrepancy exists. You can check your Service Hours at any time on the website by going to "My Account", then" $ My Invoice/Payment" then clicking on the "Service Hours" tab. This tabulation of Service Hours will carry forward monthly and for the remainder of the Effective Year.  There may be some jobs that will require that you log your hours into the Service Hour Logs at each pool pro shop.
 Rollover: There is no rolling over of Service Hours into a future Effective Year.

Commitment Hours Buy-Out:
CCAQ offers the opportunity for any family that wishes to buy-out their non-mandatory requirement Service Hours at $20/hour.  This would be no more than (9) hours and they must be billed out in August of the new Effective Year.  Any family opting for this buy-out will still be required to fulfill all Home Meet & Away Meet responsibilities. Any CCAQ family can buy-out any amount of their Service Hours throughout the year at $25/hour. CCAQ does not encourage this option as it would prefer to have the assistance and family participation; however it is an option that is available for our members.

Commitment hours Bill-Out: CCAQ families have from July 1 - June 30 to fulfill their annual Service Hours commitments. Once the new Effective Period begins (July 1), families with unfulfilled Service Hours will be charged $60/per unfulfilled hour.
Requirements Summary for the Fiscal Year July 1 - June 30:  
-Working (1) session per day per family at CCAQ Hosted Meets. (equal to approximately 8 hours per meet)
-Timing at least (1) session at Away Meets per swimmer (equal to approximately 1 hour/session)
-25 Annual Commitment hours TOTAL
&      Note: Should a member leave the team for longer than a 90-day period, and advise or fail to advise CCAQ in writing of the member's intention to return to the team, the remaining Service Hour balance owed will become an assessment and a financial obligation will appear on an ensuing invoice. This assessment, computed at $30/hour of the remaining hours owed, will be a financial obligation owed to the organization and the member agrees to compensate CCAQ this entire amount upon immediate (permanent or temporary) termination of its membership.
&      Please be advised that USA Swimming may uphold any and all debts owed to a prior club as a condition for future eligibility status.
Any Questions please contact John Hsu at [email protected]